Thursday, April 2, 2015

What Should I Buy at Trader Joe's?

I'm not a frequent flyer to the States because 1) the USA doesn't need my money and 2) gas prices are through the roof. But when we do decide to go, almost always en route to see my husband's family, we always make a stop at good ol' Trader Joe's. Through social media and word of mouth, this apparently is a must do in transit down the West Coast, but before I was comfortable with going to this non-Canadian available franchise, I even had to put out a FB Q&A for recommendations as to what to buy. I found shopping here a bit hard at first because nothing stood out. The products had its own TJ packaging and none were something I was familiar with and could easily recognize (which is fine because I had a chance to discover new items). Now as a novice, I have some recommendations for those who were once in my shoes!

Fruits and Vegetables
none, because we can't bring it across the border. However, all are yummy as snacks on the go while in America.

Aspenglow Swiss Style Chocolate Milk (why doesn't this come in jugs?)
Trader Joe's Kefir (Max loves the strawberry flavour)
Trader Joe's probiotic Smoothie (surprise surprise! Max loves strawberry)
Any of the hard and soft cheeses (like the Wild Mushroom Brie), because in Canada it costs triple the amount

lots of tempting options but we don't want to risk them defrosting on our way home (thanks to a border line up) so we don't buy

Kettlecorn popcorn in the pink bag; not to sweet not too salty and most importantly, not at all stale
Trader Joe's Gummy Bears, Bunny Gummy Tummies, and Penguins (no artificial colours or flavours for the gummy loving toddler)
Trader Joe's pita chips with cinnamon and sugar
Milk or dark chocolate truffle bar at the check stand
Trek Mix with almonds, cashews, and chocolate (yum!)

Trader Joe's Organic Sweet Bread and Butter pickles; thick and delicious
Trader Joe's deli style spicy brown mustard (just add some pastrami, rye, and those pickles...DROOL)
Trader Joe's Balsamic Vinaigrette (the BEST balsamic vinaigrette ever, beats out every single competitor)
Trader Joe's 1/2 Calorie pink lemonade (why there isn't full calorie i don't know)

What I'm planning to try eventually!
pizza dough and sauce
Speculous cookie butter
coffee cake mix

Hope this helps.
If you have any other recommendations, please let me know!


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