Monday, April 27, 2015

Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico!

^^ Vancouver; window seat --------->> Nuevo Vallarta; room with a view ^^

We are home after a beautiful week in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico and i'm excited to share a lot of  a few pictures with you of our vacation! We flew with Air Transat, and everything was smooth sailing from waking up at 0400am to being all said and done in our hotel room at about 1830hrs Mexico time. Lucky for us, Max was a treat as usual on the plane ride (thank you thank you, little one)! And besides Gene getting sick from airplane food, our trek to the south and back was a success as hoped and planned it would be. 

^^ Paradise! ^^

^^ no pics of our hotel room, but this of Max in his poop closet. 
aka, where Max sought privacy to do the deed on a daily basis^^

We stayed at the Grand Marival Resort and Suites and highly highly recommend it. I've been meaning to do a review of our stay, but a million other things on the to do list (including going back to work) has put that idea on the back burner. However, I am committed to doing the TripAdvisor review as without it, I would never have found such a wonderful place for our family vacay...TripAdvisor, I owe you one! 

^^ we woke up everyday at 0700am to reserve a beachside Palapa. This is a MUST whenever going to Mexico because the sun is so deceiving and really very dangerous. The Palapas allowed us to stay on the beach for oh... 8 hours a day... nearly everyday! ^^

^^ we loved drinking the Mango Vice and Pantera Rosa ^^

^^ 20th week baby bump!! ^^

^^ the waters on the west coast weren't as turquoise as the Caribbean, but nevertheless beautiful and WAY BETTER than our local beaches. The sand on Mexico's Pacific was soft, there were no rip tides, totally safe for toddler wading, the beach was clean (no rocks, shellfish to cut your foot on), and the waters were so warm. I miss this place so much! ^^

^^ Max adjusted immediately and took his routine naps on Mexico time, under a palapa, with the fresh beach breeze blowing in his face. I fell asleep so many times as well, something in that breeze, the sound of the waves crashing...i wish I could've brought it home with me! ^^

We aren't swimming pool people because really, we can do that here in the city. However, we did choose this hotel in particular for its very kid friendly kiddie pool area. We loved its vicinity from the beach (literally a hop, skip, jump) so if Max was tired of the beach, we just took 5 steps up into the kid section and let him play and socialize. He enjoyed this area more though when there were no other kids around (lol) as he loathes water being splashed on/in his face, we enjoyed this area because pool water is pretty darn refreshing after a scorcher of a day. the water pressure at some of the kids play area felt like a massage on your back, not sure why it was turned up so high but I loved it for a daily kneading! 

We ate well! I miss my daily breakfast of french toast with condensed milk, bacon, oat milk, green juice, and a giant bowl of fruit. We all miss our lunch of hot dogs, wood fire oven thin crust pizza, fries, guacamole, chips, kid friendly slushy cocktails, hamburgers...and dinners that we were too full to eat, and loaded up on endless fruit and fresh drinks instead.

More pics to come! 


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