Thursday, April 30, 2015

Equality In the House!

It's a girl!! 

The ultrasound took over an hour because the little one just wouldn't comply. I had to to jumping jacks, spot running, bending, walking etc. so the tech could get her pictures and measurement. Like the nurse I am, I asked to see what female genitalia looked like on a that weird? haha. It's much easier to 'know' it's a female than it is to tell if it's a boy! So far, the kicks just under my belly button are because her (!!!) legs are all stretched out and possibly 'walking' in utero, her head is also just under by right rib which explains these weird spikes I get when I try to get up after sitting in funny positions.

meet our baby girl!
if you're also interested, Max's ultrasound can be found HERE


  1. Yeah for baby girls! How exciting for you guys and for Max and his up coming big brother status! He is at a great age for welcoming a sibling. Hope you are feeling well! That makes such a difference when it comes to enjoying your pregnancy.

    1. i think he'll make a fine big brother too! as for me, feeling great and really embracing this bump and pregnancy fashion! For my last pregnancy, I'm going the extra mile.


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