Monday, January 19, 2015

My Love is 3!!

Simple family dinner this weekend, just the way we like it.
I was looking for some themes or pinterest types of elements that I can add to the party, but then I got overwhelmed and just stuck to the basics. No feelings of disappointment from my end or any guest's- my family's party style is all about company and my MOM'S COOKING (best filipino cook ever!).

Some pics of our evening below.

^^ my mom's cousin's youngish kids (i think they're considered Max's aunts and uncles?) were over and he had so much fun with them! Finally he wasn't shy, and ran around all over my parents' house with them. He didn't really know how to play games like hide and seek and was wondering why they were play scared of him, but he was sweating at the end of the night from all the ruckus! I can't wait until he has a consistent number of friends with familiar faces, makes me so happy to think about him running around the playground squealing! ^^

^^ sushi and chicken aside, some MUST HAVE filipino party food care of my mom. Noodles must always be present for "long life" well wishes! ^^

^^ I LOVE that all he wanted was a monster truck cake this year! (he actually has kept asking me for one every single week for the past couple of months). What he really referred to was a shortening-laden cake from Safeway that we always have to check out whenever we're at the store, but y'know because I want to eat it too, I up'd the ante and got him my favourite New York Cheesecake from Trees Organic and added a new monster truck toy as the topper- It was a hit! ^^

^^ my LOVE ^^

Happy birthday xoxo


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