Friday, January 16, 2015

Maxwell 3.0

Happy New Year readers!

My sister finally gave birth to Max's cousin early this month!

Although he does state that he "doesn't like" him every now and then, his actions are very gentle and loving towards the new member of the family. Check out the picture above, no coercion needed for those gentle strokes! So proud of Max lately, can't help but reinforce all of his positives with a million kisses and hugs.

As for us, we're counting down the 2's and slowly welcoming the 3's. Max has been a really good two year old that we're wondering if we'll be thrown a curve ball for the next toddler stage (were we just spared? hehe). But for real, I'm really loving and living with a toddler, it all has been so much fun. there are daily laugh outbursts around here and mind-blowing moments because he is just changing so much right before our eyes- this time, we're not that sleep deprived so we notice them!

Some Max 101's lately:

  • weight approximately 32.5lb's, and 37" tall
  • tops are a solid 2T and bottoms length at 3T but he still needs a belt with denim as his waist is small (more 2-2.5T in size). Shoe size approx 9-9.5
  • the clarity of his speech and the way he can articulate himself has been complimented on by strangers and family (I often hear, "he's a good communicator for a Boy!" whatever that means).
  • we take 1 nap a day (usually a 2:30pm), with varying lengths of 45 mins to 2 hours. He only uses 1 pacifier now to sleep, it's really his Pavlovian stimulus to turn his centres for activity from on to SLEEP.
  • Our night sleep is 9:30 lights off. I have no idea what time he falls asleep because i'm so tired that I just pass out. However, he wakes up anytime between 815-9am (thank you, child!). 
  • we still co sleep and we love it especially in the winter. He's a bit of a yo-yo sleeper though where he sleeps at the foot of the bed, then up higher and there's no rhyme or reason with the pattern- but he's a great heater! I love it when he ends up under the blankets, sleeping right beside me. 
  • favorite foods are fruits in season, and apples all year. Excellent eater! However, he'll leave the table early to play, and will the rest of his plate if I feed him the rest of his dish. Usual breakfast is Raisin Bran/Cheerios/or Rice Crispies with raisins and hemp hearts. Lunch is bought from wherever we're located (and if at home, sandwiches and Lipton soup), and dinner often has rice as he's not a potato person unless they're fried with gravy (Costco dates!)
  • as for candy, anything gummy- especially worms! Cant tell if he's a salty or sweet person because he won't pass either up 
  • favorite toys are anything Monster Trucks. When we got "Grave Digger" for him for Christmas, he slept with it for a week! We ended up getting him an iPad mini for Christmas and he gets screen time privileges in the evening.
  • his favourite apps are: TOCA MONSTERSLITTLE FOXENDLESS ABCMECHANIC MIKE: Monster Truck Edition (i know this links to the Android version, but whatever)
  • He IS OBSESSED  loves Gangnam style music video (original and the Hulk version) and watching live Michael Jackson concert footage to which he has to dance to and perform for us multiple times a day. We have a costume bin filled with dress up clothes; like a Michael Jackson hat, gloves, shoes, black pants, white socks.. :op (thank you Dressew!)
  • our favourite book is still The Incredible Book Eating Boy, and I refer to Henry the little boy when I want Max to take big bites of his food!
  • finally, this is the season of WHY? everything I ask or whatever he says has a "WHY?" in it. I had only read about this in books, or seen it on TV, but it's so much more amusing in real life.
Mama, I'm going to tell you a story,
(ok go for it)
one day there was a boy riding a horse...WHY? 

This lovely little man, is my 3 year old xoxoxo


  1. Hello, I came across your blog while searching for remedies for my 4 month old sons eczema.

    When I saw your sons photos, it looked identical to his skin. Some days his skin is flawless and then a random outbreak. I'm beside myself. It's on his forehead and temples just like your sons. I've kept a diary, tried different creams, nothing seems to work.

    Did your son outgrow it? His skin looks great.

    1. hi! thanks for reading! he gets random dry patches but I wouldn't classify it as full blown eczema like when he was a baby. the #1 lesson I've learned is DONT USE SOAP for baths. so since i stopped any soap products, his eczema just vanished. he has nightly baths (approx 10 mins) in warm water only, no shampoo (he would also get eczema on his scalp) and no soap. He gets dry patches here and there but that's attributed to our weather in my opinion. To lock in the moisture, I apply Johnson's baby oil right after all over, and if he has a stubborn patch I put Aquaphor (from Target in Bellingham). I really dislike using any steroid based topic creams as I find it bleaches his skin - as pale as he is, I still see some old localized patches on his leg when he had spots that I would put steroid on. Hope that helps!

  2. Thank you so much for getting back to me!!! I was given a steroid cream also and am trying so hard not to use it. I will be taking your advice and checking out what worked for you. So glad to hear your son is doing well!

    1. you're welcome. I have to say though that the steroid creams worked FAST. if you want a fast solution (but long term effects can end up being more of a problem), or have tried everything but the prescribed cream, I wouldn't turn my back on Pharmaceuticals (I am a nurse after all). Once you have it under control, then it's time to figure out the source/cause of the skin sensitivity. I hope you find the triggers and your own patient specific regime!

  3. Wait - is it Max's birthday already?!? If so, happy 3 sweet boy!! Let's play date soon!! xoxo

    1. hehe not yet. advanced post. yes to playdate, i will text you asap!


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