Monday, December 8, 2014

Splatter Party at 4Cats Dunbar!

^^ 4Cats Dunbar is moving to 3354 Dunbar street in January 2015 ^^

As part of my 2013 mom blogger prize, 4 CATS DUNBAR offered Max and I a party at their 4293 Dunbar St. studio. I was able to choose from the many types of parties available from their website, and almost 2 years later (i know! thanks Scott!!), I redeemed a Jackson Pollock inspired Paint Splatter Party  and invited 4 of Max's friends (and their parents) to join us in this extremely messy, but super fun activity! The entire party planning process was so easy, everything was done online from choosing the date, the time, and even the colour themes (if you so wish to want one). Once the pieces dry, everyone will be taking home their own varnished 11" x 16" individually done canvas, and Max will also be taking home half of the big canvas that everyone worked on to commemorate this day to put up in his room. (if you're wondering what happened to the other half, we paid the studio to stretch and split it into 2 artworks for one other mom to take home). We had an awesome day! Thank you so much teacher Mel, Scott, and 4 Cats Dunbar for accommodating us- whoever said winter parties weren't as fun as summer parties? Not us!

^^ artist focus classes are available for preschoolers, children, teens, and adults ^^

^^ the kids got painting smocks to protect their clothes, and paper and pastels 
to kill some time as we waited for other mom's and babes to arrive ^^ 

^^ teacher Mel said these cloths were 'hats,' I think Max took it literally lol ^^

^^ the only 'rules' were to not touch the canvas. you basically were throwing the gobs of paint on the wall/floor/canvas. I think everyone, including parents got dinged by flying paint! ^^

^^ aside from their tray of 4 colours and 2 paint brushes each, we squirted these 
array of colours with syringes (i had to let out a bit of a chuckle when teacher Mel gave us a definition of syringes as she was talking to a group of nurses hehe). 
Not shown are balloons filled with paint (!!) that the kids popped all over the canvas! ^^

^^ I throw paint mama? that's ok? ^^

^^ no rules for the big canvas! ^^

^^ like a typical toddler, Max was easily distracted by paint on his "Michael Jackson" shoes and had to take many moments to clean paint off of them lol ^^

^^ Jackson Pollock or Maxwell piece? ^^

^^ the extra large piece done by a bunch of 2 year olds and their parents!! Wow!! ^^

We loved every minute of these few hours, thank you thank you teacher Mel, Scott and 4Cats Dunbar


  1. This planner is great, she was always ready to assist/answer any concerns (even returning my late night texts), she had my timeline mapped down to the very last detail (even set-up/clean-up times) She navigated event planning down to my guests on wedding day, everyone thought she was a "DOLL"!


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