Monday, December 22, 2014

Last Party of the Year!

Counting down to Christmas, and one of our last non-family parties of the year (see pics from this same event but last year here)! As expected, Max didn't do too well with the presence of Santa- and THAT'S OK. What toddler actually feels completely comfortable sitting on a hairy stranger's lap sans the trusting protective embrace of parents anyways? i'd be worried if he wasn't afraid.

Nice and simple party, pics below!

^^ smile for the camera!! ^^

^^ is it me or does he just look so grown up in this pic?? as a side note, this is one of the few pictures of Max where he actually look like my husband! ^^

^^ Michael Jackson foot move lol ^^

^^ of course he wanted a monster truck on his face ^^

^^ the talented face painter took all of 20 seconds to create this little masterpiece. As a non drawer, I'm sure it would've take me much much longer. we were all so impressed ^^

^^ Before picture, lining up for Santa ^^

^^ after, even if a foot away awww ^^

Merry Christmas partying! 


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