Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy List :: December ::

  1. this time of year when people and friends put in EXTRA effort to see each other. Sometimes one just has to settle for once a year get togethers, or more than half of the group showing up instead of 100%- it's hard to organize shift workers! 
  2. my sister's child is on his way! I wonder what type of aunt/tita i'll be? AWESOME, i know that for sure! But as a support network for my sister, I definitely need to work on that since i'm a control freak and essentially think that what I'm doing is right and insist it be done that way :op's not my child, hand it back to their mama when they cry! woohoo 
  3. the approximately 90 minutes I had Max sitting on my shoulder as we watched the Roger's Santa Claus Parade. Once Santa passed by us, we bolted to the elevators at Burrard station so we don't get caught in the stroller traffic jam for that one crappy elevator. Max had so much fun and the weather was perfect!
  4. we visited my husband's parent's and the border line up was only 15 minutes long! (we don't have a Nexus pass). We then ate at Anthony's Hearthfire Grill on the waterfront and had the best clam chowder and sour dough bread i've never eaten. It really beats Jack In the Box- my husband's main drive to go across the border. 
  5. I bought a Clarisonic Mia and have seem marked improvement in my complexion. It's by no means a miracle tool, or a cure all, nor a fast fix...but the every 4-5 days routine i've been sticking to for the last couple of weeks has been enough to see some changes. 
  6. Max and I's almost weekly Costco dates for fries, gravy, and polish sausage. It's definitely not the healthiest food choice, but whatever the rest of our week is pretty balanced ;o). Can you beat $4.40 tax included for a meal for 2? If the weather is just right, we walk on over to Science World for an exhausting yet fun filled day. 
  7. It's been about 3 months since i've bought anything from Forever 21. I'm really trying to buy clothes of not only some quality, but to be more conscious of the impact this purchase has. 
  8. my Hipster Business Name generator really made me laugh. I saw a name that actually made me pause and think twice about the name of this site and doing a rebranding, but alas, too much work that I'm prepared to accept. I really liked, "Child and Mortar," "Goose and Pear," and "Mitten and Pin," "Skull and Bedroom"- all for no apparent reason lol
  9. I got a picture with Santa at Metrotown! No smile, but also NO tears, NO pressure, NO overwhelming body heat, NO caving in walls of ornaments...just a simple picture. I'd like to think he was older, but I think it's because my husband came along for a picture for the first time is what did the trick. 
  10. Max is sitting on the potty and is excited to sit on the potty! After poops only though, and he requests some "privacy" even if it's after the fact. I hate cleaning up the stand alone potty though, really not my cup of tea (yes even though I'm a nurse, but we have mechanical and chemical sanitizers at work that does the dirty bit). We recently got this from IKEA, so far Max loves it and the price is right for multiple households. Any tips or tricks is warmly welcomed!
What's made you happy lately?


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