Thursday, December 11, 2014

Gingerbread House

Max's first Christmas gingerbread house! Funny how the picture on the box looks nothing like what really is produced ;op However, I do love that there is a prebuilt option because one really needs to save all the icing for licking afterwards the snow effect.

^^ just realized his shirt was on backwards all day after the fact ^^

^^ someone's been munching on a few candies while decorating ^^

^^ finished project ^^

Pretty fun for Max and the cleanup was easy! Im surprised the majority of the candies weren't eaten during and even now I haven't seen him pick at the tempting ones. Perhaps a new annual tradition for this east van baby? Happy holidays all! 


  1. We were lazy this year and bought the preassembled gingerbread house from Whole Foods. Not cheap but the actual gingerbread smells delicious and something that you'd actually want to nibble on! We went and bought a bunch of candies and the kids had fun. I think their favourite part is just putting the icing and the candies on and I can never get those houses to stand up and stick together easily lol!

    1. i wouldn't have minded nibbling on this house, but i think my cat secretly rubs himself on it at night while we're sleeping ew haha


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