Friday, November 14, 2014

5 Random Things About Me

thanks Andrea from Mama In The City for tagging me! I've never done one of these before nor really know who to pass this along to but hey, if you're reading consider yourself tagged! here we go...

^^ yes! ^^

1. Jon Bon Jovi is my celebrity crush. i don't know what came first; my crush on him then subsequently loving his music or loving the music then going gaga over the source of the voice. i still listen to and love Bon Jovi the band, and all the men I've ever been truly interested in had/has a trait that is Jon Bon Jovi-esque. 

2. My actual dream nightmares aren't of the end of the world, but of being back in post secondary school. for some reason, in the 10 years since I've graduated I've had a recurring theme of not being done a class project or paper and my whole life up to now has been a big dream. I'm still in nursing school, about to fail for not handing something in, and nothing of what i know now exists.

3. I was born in the Philippines. No one ever thinks I am Filipina when they meet me for the first time. You don't look Filipino, i thought you were ________ (Japanese, Malay, Chinese, Native etc). There has been no common denominator but hair, skin colour, face shape, and height are my most often heard rationales for the misidentification. My parents are both 100% tagalog speaking Pinoys!

4. I had no idea what nurses did before applying to nursing school. We were told to make a program choice for post secondary applications, and randomly chose nursing at 17 years old. It was a good fit for me as i considered myself older than my chronological age- though still needing to grow up. I am glad that nursing schools aren't choosing straight-out-of-high-school students nowadays though because I think an 18 year old barely can take care of themselves let alone have/need the responsibility of taking care of other people. 

5. I am left handed when I write, but do every other activity of daily living with my right hand. I secretly hoped Max was a lefty but alas, the dominant right handed gene expressed itself earlier this year.

thanks for taking the time to read! this was more fun than sleeping prior to a night shift :op


  1. I am the same. A lefty but I do all my big skills with my right hand!


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