Wednesday, October 22, 2014

So Sleepy!

I'm so tired lately that i'm needing about 12 hours a night of sleep just to maintain baseline energy levels.  I remember the times when I would just bounce back after a work set, caffeine free! Now, I'm always on the hunt for that kick and love that feeling i get once the caffeine has hit my's like the cloud of fatigue has been erased from behind my eyes and the gas tank has been refilled. So far, I've been pretty good about not drinking caffeinated drinks when i'm off work so I can crash at bedtime (930pm!!), but when I'm working; want it need it. 

^^ you got that right Rick Mercer ^^

My currently lack of quality sleep has also something to do with being obsessed about certain subjects every now and then as of late, and subsequently then have to endlessly research the topic online to an arbitrary yet sufficient level. The biggest no-no i've discovered is bringing the laptop into Max's room because once he sleeps, I'm on it like jam on toast. Going online before bed, reduces melatonin and revs up my brain, and because i'm no longer sleepy, i just stay up until whenever i think is a 'safe time' to maintain functionality the next day. Last week, i stayed up until 1am, this lightweight is still paying for it now! Even though i established this no-computer-in-the-bedroom rule for myself months ago, I still seem to continue on with it whenever I get comfortable and the feeling of needing to readjust has past my system. Anyone else have this poor habit? 

After a few hours of getting off of my night shift (home 8am, out again 10am), I took Max to art class. You're probably wondering why my husband didn't just take him so I can sleep?  i don't know why either but the man drove us to class, stayed in the neighbourhood and joined us in the latter half, collected his brood and we then had lunch. i do recall that i volunteered to never miss a class if I can help it, so I guess he's doing me a favour by allowing me to keep me true to my word :os. About 2 hours after getting home, I went to Metro as Max slept in the stroller. I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the year (1/2 caf!) and enjoyed some quiet downtime for myself...even if it's circling that huge mall, trying to resist buying anything with a half-functioning mindset, and doing all possible to keep Max asleep for 2 hours.  Success! We got a pick up directly at the mall, and had some greasy yet satisfying was not a wasted day-off. By 9pm, I crashed. 4 more days off to of a shift worker :op

^^ canvas from last class was ready for some snowflakes ^^

^^ he's a righty ^^

^^ another project! this time with clay ^^

^^ truthfully Max was more interested in pretending the slab of clay was a sandwich instead of making the planned project. he just kept pretending to bite it and say, 'mmm sandwich' lol ^^

eventually the clay turned into mice and sent off to the kiln. painting with glaze next week!


  1. There is no way I can be healthy and function if I don't sleep after every night shift. It is mandatory for me. The odd time I've stayed up has always resulted in feeling terrible. I seriously don't understand how some shift workers can do it! Luckily, I can sleep in the day since I pay for a sitter and also can go to bed at night without too much shift worker sleep drama.

  2. the M-F workers who only get the weekends off will laugh at me for saying that my 4-5 days off a week IS NOT ENOUGH lol. i feel so compelled to maximize activity during my waking hours.


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