Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Macabre Movies To (Not) Watch

When Max wasn't in my life, I really got into the spirit of AMC Fear Fest before Halloween. I love immersing my TV time in the classic horror movies that were essentially on 24/7. Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser, Chucky, Pumpkinhead, the Omen etc....so tolerable! The movies were just lame enough (about 2/10, and highly respectable for their production era compared to macabre level of now) in intensity to work me up to the REALLY scary ones that were going to be televised on the 31st. I'm by no means a horror flick buff, in fact I'm actually a huge huge huge chicken and can barely muster any of the new ones today (still, escapism is fun sometimes).  If a modern one, say from the last 9 years or so was televised on the tube, id have to mute so many parts or cover my eyes with a pillow or just change the channel altogether because I JUST CAN'T HANDLE THEM! But every now and then, a movie comes out that isn't just blood and guts from the beginning. There's some character development and story build up, and I'm not as scared (but still traumatized at the end). Here are this years most memorable flicks so far in my life...watched while Max was either sleeping or I at work; because hey censorship is necessary (duh with kids) and of course, WATCHED IN THE DAY TIME!! 

Have you heard of this movie before? I hadn't either and i thought it was just a movie more mystery/documentary than horror, but I was wrong. I liked this movie a lot because there were no A-list actors and subsequently no typecasting roles. As much as I love looking at those "50 places to see before you die" links on my Facebook feed, I am ok with taking exploring foreign caves outside of an overpriced tourist excursion off of my bucket list. 

I have to admit that I watched this movie because I felt like watching a horror movie. I didn't know what this movie was fully about, but got an idea from the title. And like above, just take driving in the Nevada Valley, outside of the outskirts of cellphone reception, off of my bucket list.  This movie just scared me more because it was an innocent family taking a vacation; I've been there as a kid in the car. 

I watched this one at work and had to finish via downloaded edition at home. From the title and the poster picture, I thought it was something in the realm of Annabelle and its prequel and offsprings, but thankfully it's not. Just a whole premise that I didn't expect! There were some times where it seemed a little ridiculous, but it is a movie after all. Fresh change from the norm of scary movies. 

And that's it for 2014! 
If you're wondering which type of horror movies I refuse to watch, it would be anything that would remind me of my home setting and daily life like Paranormal Activity and it's offsprings. I also can't do religious horror flicks and possession, like The Exorcist, to which id like to think I'm desensitized, but i only need to hear the VOICE to regress back to being afraid of my feet being exposed in the dark as I fall asleep...

and because this is a mamma blog...
some pics from Max's week at art school 


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