Thursday, October 16, 2014

Art Class 101

^^ just playing with a Halloween editor lol ^^

we finished our first week of art class at the local 4cats shop. there were a total of 5 kids that were Max's age accompanied by their parent. not sure whether it's a good thing or bad thing, but Max isn't the type to want to get down and get dirty with paints. he is not a dip-your-hands-in-paint-and-smear-it- all-over-the-canvas-kid. give him a brush and he's content. when he did get paint on his hands, he was confused that i was saying, 'no big deal' and 'wipe it off on your shirt,' which in hindsight probably affected his creative energy release. but alas, there is a time and a place and what is allowed in art class are no-no's at home.  hopefully the differences in when it's ok will sink in by the end of 5 weeks. at the moment though, heck no i am not buying him an easel and finger paints for home use lol. 

^^ i have paint on my hand mama! *confused as to what to do about it ^^

^^ one kid got down and dirty ^^

^^ base color! more layers to follow ^^

^^ im sticky mamma! ^^

4 more weeks until the finished take home product! I'm excited as it's actually something id love to hang on our wall and super cute. I saw last season's project and i love that one too, I've marked it on my calendar to enrol him in 2015 Fall class just so we can make one for our home. until next time!


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