Thursday, September 4, 2014

Maxisms at 31 months

Where the oooh-ahh mamma?

While eating some strawberries, Max: Touch my tail mamma!

Max's new it word is "bum bum." Max: I love asparagus bum-bum, i want to eat cookies bum-bum, i love mamma's bum bum. Good night bum bum.

me: "what did you dream about last night?" Max: moe-moe (our cat) sitting on the toilet paper.

as we're walking home (about 15 minutes away, me: hey want to get off the stroller and walk? Max: no thanks, ill walk at home

me: can you put that back in the toy box please? Max: no thanks actually

as I'm pretending to sleep so he'll continue to sleep at 7am, he cups my face in his hands and whispers, "have a good sleep mamma."

what's wrong?
please please please mama please?
no way jose.

i haven't done a Max update in ages! He's changing so much every day with a new oh about 3-5 words a day - most i don't know where he picked up from...i think it's about time to capture this little as a 31 (!!) month old.

Weight: approx 30lbs
Height: approx 36.5-37" <-- tall enough for Playland 2014 kiddie rides!

Max loves reading: any books that involve trucks and diggers like THIS and THIS, and as for books with stories we read Nursery RhymesThe Gruffalo, and The Beginner's Bible often.

Max loves eating: for breakfast we have a fruit smoothie or milk + fruit bowl + raisins + carb bowl (ie. dry cereal, buttered toast with hemp hearts, fruit granola bar). for lunch, we're often out. Our go-to's are Opa Calamari with rice which he devours, OR a grilled cheese/ham/spinach or kale sandwich. Our bring along snacks are fruit (apples, strawberries, grapes. or oranges are a hit), goldfish, snap peas or rice crackers. For dinner, he eats what we're eating, the food is often always a winner if broccoli, rice, or fries are involved. Then for an evening snack it's more and more fruit. He is only allowed to drink whole milk, water, and sometimes juice.

Max's favorite toys: monster trucks, diggers, cars, trucks, cars, and trains in that order, then it's balls and shovels. i carry or find some sort of vehicle(s) in every purse i have.

Max is wearing: size 8 shoes (but probably 8.5 is better, 9 being too big). 2T shirts. 2T pants. size 5 baby dry.

Max watches TV!: i was really into the whole anti-TV idea, but at this age i need to get stuff done and he needs to be distracted. his TV time is almost always in the evening after we've spent the entire day out and about, his favourite shows are Toopy and Binoo, Caillou, Zigby, and My Big Friend.

Max on the iPad: we're still not wholly on the iPad bandwagon because i found it really annoying (after two age attempts) that Max would not play and instead be focused on going on the iPad attending to his games/watching his truck shows. There were times when he couldn't let the thing go on a sunny day and had to have a cry about it, absolutely not acceptable to me. To initiate some boundaries, and because i am a believer in the educational abilities of the iPad, we've initiated 'iPad Sundays' where he has free for all access to the thing while at home. his favourite activities on the iPad are watching Monster Truck videos via YouTube, playing the apps Elmo Loves ABC's and Endless Alphabet. I like to encourage him to play Gus on the Go because it teaches him and I tagalog words.

Potty trained?: not interested in sitting on the toilet at all, in fact uses it as a stool or car storage or hat most of the time. He is aware of when he's voiding and holds his diaper, mamma i go pee pee but not interested in taking his diaper off to try the potty. As for poop, he tells us after the fact and not interested in trying to sit on the potty when we see poop cues. We are enjoying the Potty Book in the mean time.

Bed time: Bath time around 730pm. During the summer, we've been staying up till 9pm with lights officially out at 9:30pm, and we're co sleeping. He's usually asleep around 1015pm and wakes up at 9am. He still uses his soothers as cues to sleep (at night and nap time), and i pop it out when he's fast asleep. He has to hold one and have one in his mouth lol. Sometimes i can get away with not needing to give them to him all night, but they're mainly both back with him by 6am to extend our sleep time. As for nap time, he sleeps around 2pm for 2-3 hours (the latter amount when we sleep at home).

So far Max has been a really good two year old, *knock on wood* though that three will be just as fun.


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