Friday, August 29, 2014

thirty two

^^ Thailand goddess and I at Thai Fest Vancouver 2014 ^^

It's my birthday!!!

  1. I am grateful for my family and their unwavering presence and support in my life. Whether I invite their feedback, ideas, and recommendations OR not, I really appreciate their high expectations, unconditional love and encouragement. 
  2. I am grateful for my health; mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual- and living in a community that sustains and cultivates me
  3. I am grateful for living in Canada and the 'free' access I have to health care when necessary. I will never be turned away, I will not have to worry about debt after hospitalization, my supports don't end when I exit the hospital doors, and I know my family will be in good capable hands
  4. I am grateful for having a great career. Not only do I have job security, I also continuously give and help those who need it with a fulfillment unmatched by any other job I've ever been employed in. 
  5. I am grateful for living in my community. I don't live in of fear soldiers raiding my neighbourhood, or bombs going off in the middle of the day, or being shot to death because of my race or religion. 
  6. I am grateful for the feast we are about to eat. I am grateful that I can eat food from all over the world with a simple stroll down the neighbourhood. I am grateful that my son has never gone hungry and always has fresh clean water to drink. 
  7. I am grateful for my husband Gene (going strong since 1999) who takes care of this family in his own different kind of way. He understands how to furnish our house, how we like doing different things; mostly separately, but when it comes to the bigger picture we are always together. 
  8. I am grateful for friends far and wide and the internet for keeping us connected (or keeping me informed).  The truth is most of the time I can't always be at that party, i can't stay up that late, i prefer not to break any routines, and someone needs me more than you right now.
  9. I am grateful for my little love Maxwell. Can you tell from this blog? :o)
  10. I am grateful to God and all that we have been blessed with. remember the FOOTPRINTS poem?

What do you have in store for me thirty two?!


What is on your mind?


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