Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I Opened an ETSY Page!!

As if i didn't have enough on my plate, I opened an ETSY shop yesterday! 
(check out the link on the side bar!)

I love and often always wear black, it's my comfort colour (or shade to be technical)! I'm not brave enough to wear something super bright or patterned 9/10 times, but i also don't want to be looking like a witch of East Van (lol) so I decided to make some fun necklaces that conservatively will add that POP of colour to any basic wardrobe!

These are all hand painted wooden beads strung on a natural waxed cotton cord.
There are no metals in this necklace (for those who have sensitivities). 
All the paints used are water based and non-toxic.
If you're local (or if I know you), you can just email me and I can do local pick up too so you don't have to deal with Canada Post wait times.
Of course, if there are colours you particularly like, i'd love to make a necklace for you! 

Over time, i'll be adding some more necklaces and colour combinations but phew! all this was easier said than waiting for paint to dry...literally! 

visit me HERE
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