Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Life Lately

...according to my point and shoot

^^ #1: can it get any sweeter when your child carries groceries for you? it was only a couple of heads of broccoli but he was so proud of himself! #2:  a city cyclist in training! blue helmet, yellow bell, and training wheels in tow, of course ^^
^^ #1:  first pic is Max grocery shopping with his favourite toy. it really is a must have when we're there as i can actually go grocery shopping, otherwise I'm stuck at the toy aisle. #2:  Max's great moods early in the morning. his teeth have cut through and he's no longer labile! ^^
^^ Hillcrest was huge! i like the size and layout of the outdoor section. i felt like i was at a neighbours backyard pool party. Max really loved those pool weights because he can lift them, mimicking Gene at home with the real weights who in turn is also mimicking Arnold Schwarzenneger  ^^
^^ thanks to my dad for turning the camera around and getting a pic of me with Max during the hot hot summer day on the baseball field ^^
^^ the first pool my family has ever owned! Max likes it for wading and picking up water and splashing everyone. he doesn't like to sit and soak in it. if he would just connect this activity with bath time activities it would exponentiate his fun in my opinion. in due time i hope! ^^ 
^^ of course we spent all day everyday at New Brighton! Max wasn't scared of the water this year ^^
^^ spray parks! Max prefers to have control of whom, when, and where to get sprayed (hence the spray bottle) instead of being sprayed by the fountains of the park lol ^^
^^ new playground with our new friends . Max also thought he was Tarzan in the first pic ^^
^^ this is how we spend the entire day at the pool. tent up, naps, snacks, cool dips, baking under the sun with lots of sunscreen! i figured out the only way to get Max to wear sunscreen is to let him put some on me first, then I have to work up from his toes to his face. He wears the spf 50 UPF shirts so i don't have to deal with getting sunscreen on his body (path of least resistance) ^^
^^ new east van playground! but it was as arid as Arizona. in my opinion, it should be mandatory to have access to a drinking fountain in all playgrounds ^^

I can't believe it's almost the end of July! 


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