Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Morning at New Brighton Park

we spent an early morning at New Brighton Park a few days ago to cool Max off literally and figuratively. i discovered last night that the kid has got 2 upper molars cutting through at the same was an A-HA moment to say the least as it was the one rationale I needed to explain how labile and bonkers he's been lately. yay! 

Yay! because i despise the term "terrible two's," and i did not want to label my kid under this statement umbrella. Max is sweet, hilarious, cute, loving, kind, caring and so much more! he has his moments though, like my eyes are blazing moments, and there are days (not just hours, but like ALL DAY) when i struggle to keep my patience in check. But then there are many more times when I'm like wow! he heard what I said and he's doing what i've asked him in a prompt matter! and when I feel him kiss my shoulder as he lulls himself to sleep, and the random "I love mamma. Hug please!" requests and i'm like jelly and loving life to the max. anyways, I are some pics from our day:

^^ beautiful view from the playground! I can't imagine living in a place where I don't see the mountains on a daily basis ^^

^^ teeth cutting through as we speak I'm sure! it's totally different to have a teething toddler vs. an infant. I'm not sure what's worse; infants cry but toddlers are very roller coaster with their emotions, needs, and words ^^ 

^^ his new favourite activity is sitting or standing at the shoreline and skipping rocks (but more like throwing) into the water. he still needs to be reminded to throw forwards because he's thrown 1 or 2 up and subsequently landing on or near his head...ow ^^

^^ Saltwater Sandal's! under these sandals is a hardcore tan line. Hello summer! ^^

^^ i'm fishing with papa!! ^^

^^ his playground shenanigans make our heart's stop. we've even seen other parents watch him and spread their arms out as if they were to catch him if he fell or missed a monkey bar ^^

^^ i love these bubble wands! so portable and you don't even have to blow to get plenty of bubbles ^^

^^ love of boats and the water is definitely genetic in my family ^^

Summer is here, Vancouver!


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