Thursday, July 3, 2014

GLORIOUS Summer Begins!

Last year we introduced Max to the Granville Island water park, and it was fun...for the adults! Although he was walking and talking, he did not like the showers and the misty sprays he was getting from the fountain...he cried and cried and just didn't want to bother. I wonder if it has something to do with Max only getting baths at home? he loathes being drenched in water come the time his hair needs to washed (about once a week). 

This year, Max gave the spray park another chance! While he didn't spend the entire day going nuts around the water like the other kids (younger, older, and same age as him), I'm pretty proud of him for giving it his best- getting his feet wet, hair wet, hand wet, leg wet...but not all at once (lol). ah well, the summer has just begun and it already looks to be a glorious and fun one with this like tike of mine! 

^^ rare selfie!! ^^

^^ for those that asked, his hat is from H + M and covers the back of the neck. i prefer this type of hat because the wide brim types ones i've seen have a floppy brim and it keeps obstructing his visual field. His shirt is from Old Navy and has UPF 50+ protection. Unfortunately, Max is still combative with the sunscreen so I'm trying to practice safe sun care with fashion and topical creams wherever i can get them on even if it triggers a little tantrum ^^

^^ these little legs kill me, i love them..i mean how can they not? so cute ^^

^^ Canada Day tattoo! He now points out Canada flags whenever he sees them ^^

^^ yay!! maybe by the end of the summer it's full on soak! ^^

^^ i get mamma wet!! ^^ 

on a side note......

^^ Max and Gene wearing traditional filipino formal (but most often seen in weddings) fashion called Barong Tagalog for my sister's wedding.  id really like to post some wedding pics but i don't think i have approval yet. all in all, the weather was awesome and the entire party was a success! ^^ 


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