Monday, July 14, 2014

Afternoon at Nat Bailey

We redeemed our Vancouver Canadian's groupon this weekend at Nat Bailey stadium, Vancouver Canadian's vs. Everett Aquasox to be exact. It was a full house of fans on a scorching hot Sunday afternoon- so hot that they had staff with water bottles spraying many ready and willing people with cold water!  This was Max's first time at the game, and probably my second or third in my lifetime. Although i would've liked to sit down through the entire nine innings (or maybe at least 6 with the other times scoping around what to eat like any other i-come-for-game-food-ambiance fans), Max naturally could not sit down for prolonged periods and we had to go up and down the stands roaming around to "do something else" as Max would put it. 

^^ singing along to the Star Spangled Banner and O' Canada ^^

^^ we sat in section 5, row 13...a PERFECT spot rain or shine! you see the crowd under the sun? i don't know how they survived under the heat for the 3 or so hours. I would've been coming home with a major sun burn or heat stroke or both. St. John's Ambulance was on guard for first aid, hope they were all ok! ^^

^^ it was also family fun day at the Stadium with A&W Rootbeer floats by donation! they were so good, and so necessary on dare i say again but not complaining...a scorcher of a day ^^

^^ thank goodness for the children's play area! Max and I killed some time at the bouncy castle. Water was absolutely mandatory during and afterwards. the endothermic child Max is, he seemed to sweat out as much as he would take in. he was dripping! ^^

^^ view from the play area, right field ^^

^^ i'm not sure why these players were here...shouldnt they be in the dugout or something, or just seeking shade in general? i wish i could've passed some ice cream around ^^

^^ not the same as the PNE donuts, but still just as hot, sugary, cinnamon-y, and yummy ^^

^^ sushi races! i actually don't know what character the winner was supposed to be. there was Wasabi, Sushi, and.... ? Gomae? (lol). I tried to get close but Max is terrified of any enlarged and costumed character like these, regardless of how cute they may seem ^^

^^ clap Max, clap! ^^

Well the Canadian's won 4-3, and we had a great time! Until next time Nat Bailey Stadium! 


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