Monday, June 9, 2014

Italian Day!

Italian Day always kickstarts the summer season for me, how about you?
It's always in June, it's almost always hot, BBQ's, cold drinks, ripe fruit, music, dancing, smiles, wieners and BBQ, and scantily dressed men and women ...yep i'd say this year hit the mark and did not disappoint! Last year, Max just reached the toddler hump and he was half walking half baby wearing. This year, he ran around all sorts of ways (within a limit of safety of course because hey it was pretty crowded that id be nuts to let him run free) and had a ball. Like clockwork, he also fell asleep within the usual time range and husband and I had some quiet time to enjoy some food and festivities. I love pedestrian friendly neighbourhoods and family friendly street parties, times like this I really appreciate Vancouver and what it has to offer. We're SO ready for summer 2014!

^^ yes this really was the crowd, and the picture doesn't do it justice. last year they estimated 300,000 people showed up for the festival...this year, no doubts it reached if not surpassed that number ^^

^^ always the longest line up for the PCOV sardines! to this day, i've still never had one as i'm too impatient to wait for BBQ'd fish. maybe next year..this will have to be my first stop ^^

^^ he did those double peace signs all by himself! Asian blood definitely runs through this guy ^^

^^ i LOVE sausages. drool... ^^

^^ even though it was Italian Day, cuisine from all around the world was available to be eaten. like the predictable people we are, we again ate Banh Mi's (vietnamese subs) for lunch. the best! ^^

^^ this is what we get when we ask him to SMILE for the camera! you think he's trying to tell me something? haha ^^

^^ beautiful poppies growing wild in east Van ^^

hope you all had a great weekend!


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