Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy List :: June 2014 ::

  • we finally rode the Stanley Park Train! Apparently it's not my first time on this. Gene exasperatingly reminded me that we went on it when we were first dating. (Really? I don't recall EVER going on it before, must have been an exciting date...)
  • I found my DREAM SHOES in Vancouver! Long live clogs! 
  • this FELT SANDWICH SET! We love playing pretend kitchen especially with food. So far, he's been really creative with the meals he's made for me: jam, pickles, eggs, in a pita...yumm...thanks Max! 

  • I finally found my dream SUNGLASSES! if you're like me with a round face, it's a nightmare to find properly fitting glasses. Thank you Ray Ban's for creating this gem of a pair! (first world  problem)
  • Raspberries and strawberries are ready to be eaten at our local park, we go for a nightly stroll and have a fresh snack of local fruits. but on the way there, we're eating ice cream cones! did i mention this is Max's first year of holding an ice cream cone and licking it? 
  • it's still light out until 9pm!! As a parent who is pretty militant with bedtime routine, I don't really get to enjoy the longer day light hours. However, it being light out until 730pm is pretty awesome as we can be outside at the park burning some Max energy enjoying the weather
  • I have a secret, but can't say just yet :op (no i'm not pregnant)

  • Even though we are still waiting for summer to arrive it's still just a tad chilly, the water parks are FINALLY open in Vancouver! Pictured above are in Stanley Park
  • My sister is getting married in a couple of weeks! I haven't been to a wedding in such a long time, i think i'm even more stressed out about what to wear and how to do my hair/makeup than the bride 
  • Max has taken on wrapping his arms around my leg when he's wanting my attention or when he's scared. I cherish the feeling of his arms around my leg, so so sweet and endearing! he won't be able to do this forever 
  • this video of Max at Science World makes me laugh

  • Max and I met NEW FRIENDS last week! Specifically, we took our internet relationship and turned into a real life one. Our first date was very memorable because we were under lockdown at Science World! the what if's of the situation didn't really sink in until later on at night (ie. what if we were taken hostage?) i'm really happy that we were safe in the end

what's made you happy lately?? 


  1. Congratulations.... On your happy list! I need new sunglasses but am cheap and hate that if I spend money on a nice pair one of my kids will 'borrow' them and they will be bent out of shape (much like their mother!).

    1. i know what you mean! max learned to handle with care with my $7 forever 21 pairs..all is well.

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