Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Diffusing with the Dragon Boats

the tail end of last week was no doubt one of my most exhausting week ends in a long time. my work set (2 days and 2 nights x 12 hours each) included 4 patients in the final days and moments of their lives. By the end of my rotation, each and every one of them died. you know a lot of people wonder why I work in palliative; the statement of the year has been you work in palliative? that must be so sad. i don't know how you can do it. but in reality, palliative is a wonderful and meaningful place to be. Yes it is sad because people die, but it is also a place of happiness because medicine, nursing, loved ones and patients are on the same page- comfort is paramount, and we have to the resources to make it happen. 

sometime in the middle of it all, we also had my sister's wedding shower. id like to say ill be posting some pics but i recall someone voicing that they didn't want to be on the blog. All in all, there were girls, gifts, summer dresses, brunch, an awesome lemon cheesecake, fab weather, and an embarrassing fall that the victim (me) survived unscathed. I'm not familiar to bridal showers, but i really am enjoying the taste of the simple ones where it's not all about what you can post on pinterest afterwards (y'know what i mean?). 

fast forward to Sunday, and i'm off, and I'm back on mom duties. I'm thanking Blenz for their mochachillo lite (has a yogourt base!). i have never been a caffeine drinker let along a coffee based caffeine drinker, but these hours after my set, when i refuse to sleep so i don't 'waste a day,' are just so exhausting that i need the extra-extra-EXTRA kick. if it's raining, i can take it easy and skip the drink but if it's sunny out and i know i need to keep my energy and PATIENCE in check i'm like HELLO ESPERESSO!

We spent early Sunday afternoon at the Dragon Boat Festival, it wasn't too hot, it wasn't too crowded, Gene wasn't getting on my nerves, Max was well behaved (he did have a meltdown at home before we left though), and when Max went to sleep I hit the mall and had a gay old time. for dinner, it was a no fuss superstore pizza and giant salad. easy, fast, convenient...my kind of day! 

^^ matching outfits while watching the boat races! we did this on purpose ^^

^^ the races were in False Creek in-between Science World and Olympic Village. Totally kid and family friendly! of course Max was more interested in the fountain than the races ^^

^^ Max did his own version of Celtic dancing while this little girl with BIG talent played her bag pipes! i love the sound that comes from this instrument, it just bursts with culture ^^

^^ this cage was set up for an unknown purpose, it was protecting NOTHING but a flat bed of gravel. so weird! naturally, we let Max play in it and burn off his excess steam as we ate lunch. 
it was like a giant playpen (lol) ^^

^^ roasted chicken and bacon sandwich with greens and pesto mayo care of Terra Breads Cafe ^^

^^ totally ready for nap time, yay!! ^^

Hope you had an amazing weekend too! Max's summer of fun 2014 has just begun!


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