Tuesday, May 20, 2014


"mama, i go potty" - as he sits on a tambourine and giggling to himself

as i'm prepping dinner, he runs to me and exclaims "i'm a penguin!" and then goes back to playing with his cars

whenever my husband wakes up, Max chases him and pulls the seat part of his pants down,  squealing and laughing hysterically he tells me, "don't touch the bum! don't touch the bum!" 

after cutting my finger, Max reaches for his doctor's kit and first gives me a kiss on the affected hand, then gives me an injection in my ear, then asks "feel better mamma?"

"I'm going to work mamma!" after filling his little tin lunch box with cars and heading for the door

when two people are holding his hands (one on each side), he doesn't want to walk but instead hop on one foot hopscotching his way to somewhere

me: "get your hand out of your mouth" Max: "i want to eat my nails!" he does take his hand out of his mouth, then minutes later i see him with his foot in his mouth. Max: "i want to eat my nails mamma!"

while changing his diaper, "show me the poop mamma." after showing him, he says "i touch it! i touch it!" then giggles and kicks feet in the air 

after checking out the turtle at Science World, he says, "eat it mamma?"

me: "what do you want for breakfast?" Max: "strawberries"
after lunch, me: "are you still hungry?" Max: "strawberries please!"
after dinner, me: "here's some apples" Max: "I want strawberries" with a pouty, fake sad face

me: "what sound does a cat make?" Max: "meow"
me: "what sounds does a dog make?" Max: "foof-foof"
me: "what sound does a frog make?" Max: "frog frog frog"

Conversations with Max will only get better from here! I love this stage! 


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