Monday, April 7, 2014

Science World Date

in my quest to find a balance with Max and mamma time, i finally bought an annual pass to Science World.

by finally i mean, Max is old enough to enjoy the exhibits and activities. by Max and mamma balance, i mean Max will eventually get really sick of being dragged to the malls with me and then rushing home for nap time...he needs to be stimulated in an environment not surrounded by consumerism (duh! right?!)  so here we are. i happily coughed up $75 for a 1 year pass and have added hours and hours of science world fun to our weekly/twice weekly/trice weekly fun and rainy day activities. Our first day there we had a date from 1030am-130pm (nap time), and as he napped i hopped on the sky train and did my sightseeing and shopping rounds, when he woke up we headed back to main street for some playground fun. home by 530pm, dinner ready or ready to be ordered, productive day accomplished! As an added bonus, I really like the playground in this area as it's very toddler friendly (i judge it base on slide height) and Max get's a huge kick out of that car with 4 steering wheels that he can pretend to drive, Max drive mamma to Metrotown! get my drift about the malls? ha! 

^^ one of my best friends lives in the area and we can easily meet up for lunch! on another note, YES this guy is really walking the safety guard rail. he didn't fall, the weather was perfect, but nevertheless i still think he was nuts! ^^ 

^^ there was an exhibit about landfills and how long things take to breakdown. this was a puzzle activity but clearly Max was more about using the broccoli as a microphone or pretending to eat it, Max love broccoli! he exclaimed ^^

^^ this was the take home message of the day for Me. AHA! moment. Gene and I are now vowing to not flush the toilet overnight after voiding, small changes big impact ^^

^^ the only mathematical concept Max learned here was that he wanted all of this fake pie ^^

^^ if you stared at this for 10 or so seconds as it's spinning and then changed your focus say to someone's head, you'll see their head getting bigger. Illusion! There's also hourly educational shows at centre stage, one about Illusions...all equally cool ^^

^^ he loves these circles on the ground where you block the beams of light and in turn a funny sound is made. the sounds are so bold and loud! there's a drum version too ^^

^^ imagine if i had quintuplets?!?! 5 Max's to manage! OMG ^^ 

^^ all LEGO pieces! ^^

thanks Science World, we'll be seeing you every.single.week! 


  1. We just bought our annual pass too! Mostly because Josie is also at the age to actually appreciate and interact instead of just being toted alongside her older brother! Now the nanny can take her when I'm working and big bro is at school. Maybe you will run into them there one day soon!

  2. it's bound to happen! ill look for a little one that looks like a mini Andrea!

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