Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Potty Training Max

at 27 months, Max is not potty trained. 

i just started introducing Max to the concept of the potty just this last week because I'm feeling a bit guilty about the amount of diapers we go through in a given period (a box of 140's in about a month, is that a lot? feels like it).  I love using diapers, i love the take and toss, i love the ease and convenience, i love the points and free stuff I've received, i love how we don't have to curb our activities based on bowels and bladders (aside from my own)- but wow these products are just so crappy for the environment! also because at 27 months, i feel it's time to introduce this subject...not necessarily Be potty trained...but be aware of 'real life' right? ahhh milestones! 

our journey right now includes 1 potty chair that we got many many months ago to prep for this stage in Max's life. Right now, it sits in our spare bathroom and sometimes when we empty our bowels/bladder, Max has a seat but he won't stay for more than 15 seconds at a time. For the majority of the time though Max wears the white potty part on his head, has his toys stored in it, or throws it around the house! the annoying part is when he pushes the seat around the house and that rubber against the floor sound drives.me.nuts! my loathing for the sound is equivalent to say fully functioning, walking, talking, heck maybe even running individuals who take up elevator space...did i mention they were running for the elevators? take the escalators you twits! i digress...
also, i recently bought our first potty book. i admit i know nothing about potty books and chose this one based on the reviews on Amazon. im the type that I will only buy one book of a subject, and it has to be a good book, the best book, the most reviewed book, the most popular book, the book that works! ...sounds like an easy task right? no because i have to peruse through so many "i recommend" google search results...I love Amazon and it's ability to make my life so much easier when comparison shopping!

Max really likes the Leslie Patricelli book because our cat Moe is included in the book. he sees how Moe goes to the washroom at home (in a litter box) and it's replicated in the book. he likes the neutral character with one boinged hair and gets a kick out of that exact page above where the little one dances. we do the pee poo pee poo pee poo dance at home and kick our feet up in the air- has no relation to the actual pee or poo dance but Max laughs hysterically! I like the book because it's simple and easy to read. the concept appears easy to understand for a non-potty trained individual, more visuals than words, gender neutral, colourful, and i don't have to give prizes for going to the bathroom, just congratulatory words, smiles, and happiness. I'm digging the book! 

As for readiness, Max 6/10 times can't stand it when we change his diaper. our battles exist based on these two issues; he can't stand having a soiled bum, but also doesn't want us to change it. Or, he wants me to change it, then papa to change it, but really me as the 1st choice if i'm around...not sure why there's always a resistance! when he voids, it doesn't phase him and we really can't tell when he's doing it. but for poop, at times he is so grossed that he's on his tippy toes with his legs greater than shoulder width apart, walking over to us saying "poop! Poop!" sometimes he just poops and it doesn't phase him until we smell it. the common denominator is that he tells us after the fact. if we are in tune enough to pay attention to his signs and we whisk him off to the potty, he doesn't want to sit on it or the big toilet. Ah well, in time right? again, I'm in no rush. 

we have some cute boy undies around and if he poops just prior to his bedtime routine and it'd be a waste to wear a diaper for 10 minutes, he wears his real undies. he gets a huge kick parading around the house and when we FaceTime with my parents, he loves showing his undies off. of course he's voided around the house so many times but no big deal, however when it comes to poop..whole different story, as in no frickin way it's going to happen because he's not going to be underwear-less around the house. 

as i say this though, i don't have a potty training technique in mind. I've heard stories though that when they're ready, it happens f.a.s.t ...more updates to come!

For the tech savvy families, THIS made me laugh. people think of everything! 


  1. Don't sweat the potty training Mitzi! Ben wasn't fully potty trained till after Josie was born and he was 3 years and 4 months old. However, Josie is super eager to potty train and we are 50/50 potty vs diapers at the same age Max is now. I think boys and girls are different and each child is different too. My personal parenting philosophy is not to stress and know that it WILL happen eventually.

  2. Go Max! Hopefully it happens soon so I can reward him with Batman undies!

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