Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Morning at Maplewood Farm!

^^ dream come true! ^^

We spent most of the morning at Maplewood Farm in North Van the other day. I had never been before and Gene, although growing up in North Van, doesn't recall ever setting foot on the grounds! As a result, it was the first time for little Max. The weather was absolutely fabulous for us this day and the day prior, which made for a not so muddy farm experience (regardless, i highly recommend bringing an extra pair of shoes for kids unless you don't mind crap on your upholstery). Furthermore, even though it was a pro-d day for school, the farm was relatively empty when it came to people and crowds. This was definitely an added bonus as there were plenty of opportunities for Max, who was already unsure and a bit scared of some of the animals whom he'd only seen in books, to run, play, and touch them. Max had a great time and actually didn't want to leave, more specifically he wanted to stay and feed the birds all.day.long even though the birds weren't eating the bird food...i mean these must be the most well fed chicken and birds in the neighbourhood with all the traffic that comes through this farm! 

^^ this little lamb was so sweet with Max! it just stood there letting him caress his head for so long ^^

^^ for a while i thought this goat was a statue because it just stood there for such a long time ^^

^^ he wanted to take this home ^^

^^ just a little scared of the poultry that were oh, about 1/2 his size in height! id be scared too ^^

^^ hi chickens!! ^^


  1. I can actually hear Max say, "Hi chickens!" :)

    1. he's still scared of them..even the science world ones


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