Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Harmonica Love

we recently came across a couple of Harmonica's and just had to buy them. we've been slowly accumulating some random instruments at home with the intention that Max will one day play them. but y'know instruments are such an individual thing and in my opinion you really need to be called by the instrument to endure such a love affair. commitment, passion, hard work, happiness, connection with the music...it's like a freakin' relationship. 

anyhow, the harmonica has been such invaluable source of entertainment lately. when we first whipped it out of the packaging, he reached for it right away...probably because it was nice and shiny...but he didn't let go of it because he was interested. first and foremost, the instrument is great for toddlers as the skill to produce lovely sounds involves some simple breathing. sure the sounds aren't official songs (but really, the beauty blues harmonica is how cathartic it is, is there really sheet music for it? i don't know), but it took Max all of 5 tries to understand how to play and slide his mouth left to right as he blows (or more precisely, exhale and inhale to create sound).

i love how the harmonica is apartment friendly, pocket friendly, handbag friendly; just take it and go! lately Max has taken it to my parents house, the park, and the mall as his carry around toy. i can totally picture Max keeping this in his back pocket say in high school and whipping it out to woo some friends (or girls) with his mad blues skills! haha! i know a little too ahead of myself, but start them young and so many years to enjoy and practice! 

because we got 2 harmonica's, i've also been on youtube trying to learn how to play myself. um, i've watched 2 youtube video's and barely have advanced passed how to hold the thing! it's not easy, and you have to wrap your mouth/lips a certain way around the holes so you aren't always playing two notes but able to selectively play notes as individuals, as pairs, as groups, and do tricks that involve hand movement and inhaling and exhaling. let me reiterate, it's not as easy as it looks! all fun times nevertheless. 

i totally recommend a harmonica, that is a real harmonica vs. plastic play things you can buy at the local big box store. sounds better, plays easier, and if you think of it from an development investment point of view, wow the talent to be had can be mind blowing. love love love for years to come.


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