Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Look of Love

i just went through another round of "how are your kids sleeping?" Q+A. when will this topic cease to end amongst my mommy/daddy social groups? I'm thinking NEVER.
Maxiboy is 25 months and we are still cosleeping. the practice has been a part of our lives since around 18 months of age, and it's just what's right for our growing boy. Sure there are hiccups, and sometimes i find myself thinking how can this go on if/when we have another child but like everything else i've ever worried about as a first time parent, things just work out. whether it's sage advice from a random blog or a zap of creative thinking from my not so naturally creative brain...things just work out.

i also kinda secretly but not so secretly love co-sleeping. there's a connection with the little one that I've attributed to be the result of this practice...can't put it into words, but it's not JUST because i'm his mom. maybe it's the back to back sleeping positions at night? the smiling face and "hi! I love you." *kisses* i get to have each morning (albeit by request but there are times when it just comes), our constant holding hands whenever we go out and about on our day. the looks to check in with me if it's ok, y'know just oozing love for his mamma!

Are you on pinterest? i've rounded up a few of my favourite mamma and baby pictures to inspire me to keep on doing what I'm doing. they're akin to quotes for other people, and i'm like girl, you can do this! 
Especially needed for times when..

...you wake up still exhausted after a night sleep from a restless child
...people look at you with a concerned look when you tell them you co-sleep, and you're told to "train him to not need that." (but with no advice how to do so without using CIO)
...you have to defend yourself for doing this
...you woke your child up because you couldn't find the pacifier he spat out and he wants it now
...your kid wakes up at 5am wanting to play and you can't help but do so because you're right beside them. play or cry? yep play wins
...people ask you, "why?" in a tone that is somewhat demeaning
...you miss your husband who is sleeping in the king sized bed all by himself
...people reply with an, "ohhh...." with a tone that denotes you're doing something wrong
...you can't sleep in your own king bed at night (for me it's before a day shift) and have a shitty night sleep (or two) because you're used to sleeping with your baby who is sleeping with papa
...your kid wakes up cranky at night and crying because your combined body heat is making the sleep space too hot

(all pics are c/o Pinterest)

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  1. Great photo collection. People stop asking about your kids sleeping schedule by 5 for sure. Here is the secret truth, there will ALWAYS be something that parents alone or in social groups with fret over when it comes to parenting. I think the best way to approach all of the differences we have is to be confident in your decisions. A line I like is, 'yep, it works for us!'. Ben, who was my fussy, 'I NEED YOU NOW' baby...still prefers to sleep close to someone just like he did as an infant. However, the youngest would prefer you to leave her alone in her crib all night long.


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