Monday, March 10, 2014

Just Our Little Morning Routine

^^ toys R us shenanigans ^^

  1. hi mama, good sleep
  2. babies! (he wants his soothers)
  3. down! Moe-Moe (the cat) hungry
  4. Max feed Moe-moe! 
  5. chips! chips!
  6. where's Monkey? 
  7. Max hungry
  8. toast! cereal? smoothie!?
  9. banana! no cereal, no like it
  10. Max hungry! 
  11. (after a few bites) Max down! 
  12. no want toast! busog (I'm full)
  13. Max hungry! up!
  14. down!
  15. Food! Put on couch
  16. Put here (pointing at high chair where he was JUST sitting)
  17. up! Up! UP! 
  18. down! Down! DOWN!
  19. hug Moe Moe? 
  20. (I smell poop) No poop! 
  21. show poop! (he wants to make sure I'm cleaning poop i guess?)
  22. no pampers!
  23. pampers! 
  24. no pants
  25. soft pants! 
  26. (changing his shirt) no like it! take off!
  27. down! down! 
  28. Michael Jackson! 2 cd's. (he jammed 2 cd's recently in our Bose stereo, awesome)
  29. just beat it!
  30. no like this song
  31. violin CD! 
  32. no like it, michael jackson please!
  33. papa wake up!
  34. chips! chips!

how our day starts around here when I'm off!

^^ pooped ^^


  1. Our little guy (2 years) calls his soothers babies too. I have no idea where he picked it up but it's funny that your guy says the same!

    1. I'm pretty sure Max got "babies" from us telling him, "these are for babies," when he was younger. then it just stuck with him and we never corrected him. however, he sometimes does call for 'pacifiers' in the middle of the night!


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