Friday, March 21, 2014

Hello Spring! Life Lately

happy Spring Vancouver! 

today is my first day off from work and i'm still recovering from my first ever cold since Max was born. by first, i really mean first.ever.illness in 26 months! i have felt like crap all week, had a cough that's kept me up all night and all day, short of breath lying down, nose dripping standing up, achy muscles, y'know the works (woe is me)! and what did i learn during the trajectory of this illness? time to rest and recover doesn't exist for this mamma in our household! at day 8 of this cold, i still have a cough and still have somewhat of a runny nose. mind you i haven't been taking any drugs because i can't stand popping pills, which i know my being a nurse who dispenses drugs all the time is kind of odd to say, but multivitamins is about all i can manage and not daily. i've been going through the 'teaspoon of honey' route which has actually helped suppress my cough at night. it's not a curative measure but not only does it taste good, it worked a bit (psychosomatic maybe?).  how do other mom's cope when they're ill but still need to take care of little ones? how do mom's with chronic illness deal? i wish you strength fellow mom's!

aside from being sick, being a mom, and being a full time worker (did i mention i didn't call in sick at work?) ...i also am studying for the CNA Exam under the palliative care specialty. i've known about this exam oh since November and I'm finally feeling the crunch right now....the exam is on April 5th! working is studying right? you can't study for psychosocial questions right? bell curve marking right? i give major kudos to mom's in school trying to make a better life for themselves. career...academia...motherhood....self's not impossible, but wow it's not easy! 

^^ my baby still fits in this little storage container ^^

As for Max, he's also sick but it's not even phasing him! some parents are the type that they take their kids to the doctor right away at any sign of illness, me i judge how unwell he is on how much he plays. little kid still wants to go to the playground? hallelujah, he's alright! speaking of playground, Max started counting 1-10 on his own this week! i started actively teaching him a couple of weeks ago and what triggered him to do it on his down was climbing up the ladder on the playground. just randomly helping him and supporting his bum, and there he goes counting from 1 to 10 with each step jaw dropping but trying to shut my mouth to let him finish...and there it was, milestone. my baby is no longer a baby. I'm still working on the alphabet but I'm trying to teach him to recite it with meaning (ie. A is for apple) rather than just memorizing a song (but as for memorizing, he's up to G!).  i also bought him this alphabet puzzle to work far, he get's O right all the time! haha. as previously mentioned, i stopped letting Max use the iPad a long long time ago for various reasons. if you let your kids use digital technology, i highly recommend this app, Max loved it and he was so good at it at at 18 months! 

anyway, I've figured out ways to incorporate new things into Max's life and so far it's been working especially with food. the key thing is to say, "mamma love ____" and/or "papa love _______" and since he loves what we love (or so it seems), he seems to want to do what we're doing. a few nights ago, I heard Max saying Max love broccoli! as he stuffs his face with dinner. and sometime during one of our outings, he randomly said Max love cake! where that came from I don't know since I'm not a huge fan of cake nor where we anywhere near cake, but it's really nice hearing him express what he likes vs. the old guessing games of infancy. 

and there we have it, life lately! I'm going to work in the light, and going home from work in the light!! our outdoor time has significantly increased since it's still light out after dinner (just need to dress warmer) too, i can't wait to experience play life with a near 2.5 year old! picnics out doors? playing chase? sandbox castles? warm weather? yes to all! 

happy spring everyone!

^^ Max at 26 months ^^


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