Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy List :: March 2014 ::

  • Max finally playing with the Playdoh he got as a gift 2 years ago! sure i have to tell him not to eat it multiple times (even i think it smells delicious), I'm hoping he gets it sooner than later hehe. have you ever made your own play doh? it's easy and fun to make! 
  • I love how Max calls polka dots, COCONUTS!
  • I'm totally in love with the Revlon Colorbust Mattle Balm and Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm. great colour payoff, moisturizing, cheap, and retractable
  • in my search for the perfect straw cup for Max that doesn't mould, is easy to wash, perfect for little hands, and has a straw ...these are the best! we love them around here First Years Take and Toss Straw Cups
  • Max's artwork! 

  • light jacket or no jacket Vancouver weather! Max is wearing sunglasses, I'm keeping warm with a hat and a light sweater and people around the neighbourhood are happy! no one is complaining that is it's too cold or too hot, it's just the perfect weather outside
  • my favourite furniture store just moved closer to me! i'm happy but my wallet isn't.  check out the beauty that is mid century modern scandinavian furniture at By Design Modern

  • my neighbour and i exchange our kids' toys every now and then and Max has been loving the Donald Duck that we got at our last trade. funny enough, the little boy is 6 months younger than Max and his name is Maxx! 
  • with Max's current infatuation with Michael Jackson, Max is now using his toys as a microphone and saying, Just Beat it! in monotone, spoken voice.. over and over again! gotta hear it to join in the laughs
  • i just discovered The Land of Nod! i want every.single.thing from this store, I'm kinda glad there isn't one in Vancouver.
  • it's hyacinth season! i love love love the smell of this plant
What's made You happy lately? 


  1. I often do window shopping on line at Land of Nod. I even fill up my shopping cart but haven't yet pressed ORDER. I love that shop!!

  2. yes!! window shopping for me too. i can't seem to find the shipping and handling info on the site either, probably a good thing so i don't spend.


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