Friday, February 7, 2014

Wow Vancouver, it's Cold Outside!

^^ best friends....^^

hey Vancouver, we're freezing!!

though the weather has been absolutely fabulous (sunny), our hands and faces are freezing when outside. it's kinda hard to play in the playground when that arctic wind just runs down your back sending chills down your spine! we did a stint at Strong Start and guess what? everyone must've felt the same way because there were the most kids i'd ever seen at our usual school (like 20!) and of course the parents brought their little sickies too. At this moment, I'm listening to Max try to nap with a stuffed nose, breathing through his mouth, and more restless than he has been since the beginning of 2014. anyways, what have we been up to lately?

First and foremost, the kid is obsessed with Michael Jackson and we have to play the #1's CD every single day. i guess the nightly performers had a lasting impact on the little Max because he's now wanting us to not only listen to the fast songs (The Way You Make Me Feel, Thriller, Don't Stop Till You Get Enough etc) we have to dance with him too. No we can't dance in the kitchen as we're trying to cook dinner, we have to dance in the living room and drop all other activities a multi-tasking parent is trying to do to satisfy the need for a little party. I have to admit it's fun, and we don't have to do it for very long as long as it's done! In essence, the kid really snaps me out of my go-go-go mentality and asks for time to chill out. whatever makes you happy kid! As for Thriller, he associated Vincent Price's voice to a "monster" and we can't dance during that time.  Max needs to stand still, point to the radio and say, "scary" "Max scared" and when the speaking voice is all done, he has to laugh like Vincent Price laugh's and life carries on. So cute, so innocent. Did i tell you Max know's how to moonwalk- or rather walks backwards and calls it the moonwalk? how about spins around like MJ does? oh and how about says "OWWW" just like Michael Jackson? hehe

Max has also mastered the fake cry-whine....if even this is what you call it, but it's to get something he wants. not sure where he got it from but I'm thinking from dad when he's pretending to do or be who-knows-what. Max partially closes his eyes like he's crying and over exaggerates his lip and mouth movements (a little pursed lip too) like he's talking with a frown. his talking voice is like someone hurt him or he's about to fake a cry. seriously so hard to describe, but it's kinda cute and the requests are innocent. mamma dance :o( mamma cookie :o( mamma smoothie :o( thank goodness he hasn't learned to apply it yet to toy stores or anything that requires purchasing (y'know like those nightmare kids you see on TV or in real life on the brink of meltdown). Max is easily distractible and i think the fact that i let him run loose in a toy store and leave with nothing all the time has helped the situation. 

and the cutest of all recent changes, Max is a tender caring concerned little man. if he sees another kid, he asks for his toy and asks me if he should share (sometimes yes but sometimes some kids are ruthless and just rip the toy out of Max's hand before Max gives it to them...grrr), but Max is just so good that he'll wait for it and if not patiently then ill take the toy back. 
If Max is hurt, he wants a hug and to always "put ice" on it lol
not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but i planted the "hold my hand or mamma might fall" idea in his head one day out of a point of desperation and now he reaches for my hand to prevent me from falling (not that I'm a klutz).
the surefire way to get him in bed for night sleep? tell him that mamma is cold, and he'll come to bed right away and hug me and stay the night (otherwise he'll keep running back and forth to the living room and bedroom because he has unfinished play business).
what can i say, the kid loves me!

^^ ....and lately each others' personal heaters ^^


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