Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring Last Week, Winter This Week

the thing about a full time shift worker is that good weather is all luck of the draw. Last week, when i was working 4 shifts in a row- y'know, going to work in the dark and going home in the dark, not knowing what's going on in the world, Spring came and went. People were wearing light jackets and sunglasses. I saw bare ankles and toque-less coiffeurs, and heck Max was out of his winter jacket and into a transition piece welcoming the warmer weather. Now that i'm off, Winter has arrived!

Normally, i'd be in a funk because i would feel ripped off from some fun with the son, but the snow this time is welcomed as it's my first time out with a walking talking playing little toddler! it's quite the photo-op as you can see, how can i not capture it? last time it snowed...the actual VERY FIRST TIME Max played in it, i was working and by the time I was off it was either raining or black ice was everywhere and I was too scared to go out and break my neck.  I wonder how long this weather will last? i'm not sure how the rest of Vancouver feels about snow, but it's pretty for a couple of days and then i'm over it....unless it was the Christmas season because then i'm singing Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let it Snow!, well more wishing and praying to the weather gods with arms wide open ready to receive than anything. 

As I type this, the snow is sticking.  Vancouver, I'm digging you right now! 

^^ dead of winter. anyone else find winter tree pictures beautiful? ^^

^^ 3 shirts 3 pants, hope he's warm enough! ^^

^^ he kept asking or rather exclaiming, "eat it! eat it!" ^^

^^ "it's not too heavy for him!" said his mother before he fell over trying to carry it ^^

^^ if it's not plainly obvious, they have matching jackets on. cheesy yet so necessary sometimes ^^

By the way, your best friend when taking an expensive camera when it's snowing outdoors is a ziploc bag! so simple yet so effective. I hope my camera will live to see another day.

Safe travels in the winter wonderland! 


  1. These pictures will be a treasure for you as he gets older. There is something awesome about having these parenting milestones and playing in the snow is one of them! Lovely photos and everyone looks so happy :)


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