Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Coloring with the Toddler

I finally whipped out (well found) the stash of markers and crayons i bought on school-supplies-september and have been having a ball with Max on stay in days. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone here when i state that i love the smell of crayons (especially a new box) and it brings me right back to my elementary school days. Max is also well on his way to getting some smelly felts and the Laurentien pencil crayons- which by far beat out the Crayola ones ten fold. however, i haven't seen them around lately...do they still make them? i digress...

what do you do with all your kids' art? I'm not a big sentimental type at this stage because Max didn't actual do it all on his own, but be rest assured I'll have a huge binder or portfolio or even CABINET once Max starts creating his own art! I'm really appreciative of Strong Start's art stations where they have easels, supplies, felts, near endless amount of stuff with a new craft every other day or so...thankful because i don't have to buy all that non-apartment friendly stuff and be able to pick and choose the ones Max gravitates to.

^^ he really dislikes having dirty hands, by dirty i mean after he draws all over them ^^

^^ right handed?? ^^

^^ though i love the smell of crayons, i like felts better at this age because the colour pay off is so much greater. I'm sure it's because he doesn't know how to hold the crayons yet but he gets tired of them easy and finds it more fun throwing them and gets upset when they break! ^^

^^ we won this P'Kolino desk at a Raspberry Kids online contest! it serves as the perfect spot for his art time (and his homework time in the future!) as well as storage for his art supplies so far ^^

I love cultivating art time and art appreciation with Max. there is so much literature on the benefits of art expression with children (ie. they'll learn that there is more than one right answer and ok to have different points of view). 
Dd you know my grandpa's brother was the national artist of the Philippines? Read about Vicente Manansala HERE! see some works HERE! Max, oh the possibilities in your bloodline! 


  1. Colouring is a big staple in our home. We have a mini table and chairs and on top sits a large box filled with crayons and a big stack of colouring books and blank paper. Both kids join in through out the day and we love doing it with them too. That is such a cute little desk for Max! Will be cute to see how he grows with it through out the years.

  2. My kids also love to colour and draw! I know they still make the smelly felts because our babysitter brought a pack over not too long ago (like the original ones from our childhood!), I'll have to ask her where she got it from! That desk is so adorable!

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