Sunday, January 5, 2014


i'll be unplugging for a few as we'll be hanging out at the above beach for some time to celebrate a soon to be 2 year old. Normally I'm a huge worrier about what to pack for myself, but now that Max is travelling with us the anxiety has doubled. I've scoured countless of blogs for the sake of advanced planning, here's my plan of action for the trip (mainly the plane ride). I'll follow up when we come back as to what worked, what didn't and what we will be doing next time!

  1. bring snacks! we're bringing costco sized goldfish, organic granola bars, and raisins for not only the plane ride(s) but for the entire time as an added snack in case he refuses to eat
  2. ipad re-enters our lives! so i'll be flexible on the rules for this trip and thus have downloaded a bunch of apps, some Toopy and Binoo episodes, and some youtube videos of trucks that we can watch offline
  3. we're bringing some of his favourite truck books and goodnite moon (one of his faves)
  4. we're bringing cars (hot wheels) and trains (with doors that open and various sizes) and his favourite stuffed animal (only 1) for that home away from home feel. this will even be on our backpacks for ease of accessibility during those moments of uncertainty
  5. sanitize everything around you from the moment you sit down on the plane seat…like EVERYTHING
  6. going to bring a bunch of lollipops as it's something he's had once and I'm sure he'll enjoy it. plus it takes a long time to consume, so perhaps it'll keep him quiet and settled…even if it's just 10 minutes
  7. we're bringing the BOBA Air and no stroller
  8. we're bringing about 60 diapers in our check in luggage. with Max's recent gastroenteritis…and enter foreign food, id absolutely hate to be stuck looking for diapers in a foreign country.
  9. under pack my stuff, over pack Max's clothes in case there are any accidents
  10. try to not let him nap the day before departure so he'll sleep early and be ok to rise at 4-ish am to make our 0630 flight…and hopefully nap on the plane
well that about sums it up! see you in a couple or so weeks! 


  1. Have fun Mitzi. It is normal to feel worried/anxious on your first airplane trip with your child. Lollipops are a great distraction on the plane. I found raisins to be a bit messy for us as they'd fall on the floor and mush around but Ben was a messy toddler eater. When we traveled with Ben during his toddler years someone gave me the tip of buying some chocolate gold coins and making a little box with an opening...or using on of those Snacktrap containers...they love putting them in and out and it is a great distraction and a good fit for tiny hands.
    Have a fun vacation!


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