Monday, January 27, 2014

Photos of Cancun Part III

i know I'm totally milking this vacay in blog posts ;op 
last set, i promise!

^^ first time on Mexican soil! the sand here was amazing even on the hottest days. i like to describe it as a fresh bag of brown sugar- moist, packs easy (in a bucket), and crumbles beautifully in your hands ^^

^^ buckets are so cumbersome in suitcases! the cup was sufficient and I'm glad we brought it as buying some cheap plastic beach toys were about $20 at the giftshop ^^

^^ first and last touch and feel of the carribean sea! he is not a fan of sea water…I'm thinking because the waves that created this was scary…heck even i was scared of the waves and rip tides ^^

^^ view from the Market Grill where we ate lunch every single day! rain or shine it's breath taking! ^^

^^ only on vacation is he allowed to eat let alone hold a bag of chips! despite the look on his face he was having a ball ^^

^^ the hotel had a kids pool area so we took turns hanging out there with Max while the other got their beach and tan time. we thought Max was going to boycott the pool but instead he was the pushy one to get going. the deepest part was about chest deep for Max, he's standing on a platform where he was comfortable with the depth of the water ^^

^^ we woke up every sunny day at 7am to reserve a palapa just so Max can have an afternoon nap outside. otherwise we'd have to go back to the hotel room for 2 hours! his sleeps were the most settled I've ever seen…i mean with the sound of waves crashing and fresh air, of course ^^

see you again Cancun!!


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