Thursday, January 2, 2014

happy new year!

hello 2014! 

we spent our new years eve at one of Max's godmother's house eating sushi, chips, and Church's chicken all while having the Little Mermaid playing on the big screen. I LOVE the Little Mermaid. watching it brought me right back to my 5 year old new immigrant self in 1989. Today i still know all the word's to Ariel's songs and it still pulls at my heart strings whenever i hear them (definition of a successful movie when it still has an impact over 20 years later). I also haven't eaten Church's chicken in oh about over 12 years! i tell you it was a yummy surprise… the spicy chicken was so so so good that if it weren't January and a time to cleanse, i would have been eating it again so soon after but alas, it's time to kick off 2014 with eating better (if anything, at least for the first couple of weeks).

this 2014, the first thing on my list of resolutions is to learn how to drive. i haven't driven since 1999, yes 1999! it's time to take charge and gain some independence instead of relying on my husband or transit as my sole means of transportation. i want to take charge of time and take Max to places when we want to go. I want to take charge of our destinations and not let inaccessibility (via transit) or weather dampen our fun. I am still pro-pedestrian lifestyle, but we need more options and Max has places to go and things to see! it's going to happen this year even if it's just slowly around the neighbourhood!

I'm going to cook something new at least once a month this year. i recently bought this cookbook and am on a mission to expand our culinary adventures. with Max open to trying new things, i want him to taste a variety of flavours and enjoy all sorts of food like husband and I do. i think he's getting sick of grilled cheese sandwiches and cereal hehe. he's ready for bolder flavours and i've got the spice cabinet to do something about it…and the food network to inspire (pardon me while i drool just thinking about some foods i recently saw on Diner's and Drive In's)!

And if life has taught me anything in 2013, it's to celebrate my marriage and family. i saw the worst of me in 2013 with lots of downs, but also ups and I'm going to focus on those ups and focus on my blessings. i hope to be able to think before i speak, improve my patience and be more conscious of my mood, fatigue level, and thought processes before i explode with aggressive and passive aggressive remarks. i want to remind myself that while other's do things their way, i do it my way and that my way isn't the only way or their way doesn't make my way any less right. 

finally, i want to make time for friends in real life instead of social media updates. i want to curb my spending and know what i need vs. what i want. i hope for more hot pool side days, playground fun, and outdoor picnicking. and i want to go to work fully immersed in the speciality, instead of just going to work and do what i need to do…CNA exam, I will conquer you!

whether you want to call them resolutions or not, i hope you have plans for growth in 2014 and i wish you success!

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  1. Happy New Year Mitzi and crew. I think your idea of more family time poolside and park side is the ultimate best idea.


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