Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday!

and so he is 2!!

we spent Max's birthday with our immediate family eating some fantastic filipino cuisine. nothing huge, no theme, just food and family and lots of love for the little one. this last year was a whirlwind for all of us as we literally watched Max transform from a walking baby into a little boy that i could no longer carry on a carrier, who expresses his likes and dislikes, and best of all a loving human being that makes us see that all the trials and tribulations of new parenthood is and was worth it.

at 2, Max wakes up running into the living room to play with his cars and hug moe-moe the cat. he usually drops to his knees and nuzzles his head into moe and then cries, 'moe moe hungry!' his first ever chore is to bring the cat's wet and dry food to their designated spots. he may not do it right away on command but boy does he get upset if you do it for him! 

at 2, he's not a huge eater but he'll make room for foods he likes. breakfast usually consists of cheerios or raisin bran…the more raisins the better on both items. a lunch favourite is often grilled cheese and kale sandwich, a full apple, and the smoothie of the day at home. for dinner, as long as there is either rice or fries or a toasty piece of bread, he'll eat the meal. then, more and more fruit before bed. sometimes when he doesn't get enough fruit he'll even throw a tantrum…the little health nut!

at 2, he's shy around certain strangers and very friendly to others, even to the point of touching them at first meeting. he puts a few fingers in his mouth when unsure and eyes start to water when he is really uncomfortable, to which he needs one of us to carry him to ensure his safety and security. if he 's playing with a toy and he sees others without, he looks up to us and states 'share' whether as an inquiry or an offer to the other child. he jumps at the site of my mom, and finally has warmed up genuinely to my dad (the only person with facial hair he approves of!). he loves his mama and papa, always with big smiles attached just saying our names. if either of us were upset, he would literally drop everything he was doing without being asked and offer a kiss and a hug…'mama happy!' he would exclaim.

at 2,  he is obsessed with construction vehicles, namely a 'backhoe,' toy cars that have doors that open, truck toys with sounds, and trains. he loves stacking boxes and knocking them down. he loves balls of all shapes and sizes and has a strong throw reaching distances beyond what i expected. his athletic abilities surprise me for someone of his age, and his interest in dancing really makes me excited for what awaits us in the future!

at 2, Max understands tagalog and english often even expressing himself in taga-lish…but too bad for my husband who is only english speaking! he knows how to count to three…but three must be his fave number as everything is three afterwards! if you sound out big multi-syllable words with him, he's excellent at repeating it back with remarkable enunciation…but only to mama, otherwise he's shy when asked to perform on command. 

at 2, he sleeps best when mama or papa is beside him until he falls asleep. he doesn't like sleeping alone   or in hot weather. pacifiers are necessary to get in sleep mode but not always to keep him asleep for the night as i pop them out to measure depth of slumber. 2 hour naps are best, 10 hours at night is the trend. water is often necessary at bedside as thirst wakes him up when the temps are high.

he is 26 lbs, size 2T clothing, 7.5-8 in shoes, and approximately 34.25" tall.
and he is 2!!


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