Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy List :: November ::

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  1. my family is safe and sound in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan 
  2. my mom was able to fly to the Philipines, see her dad, and have a meaningful few days with him before he slipped into the dying stage
  3. that I'm a palliative nurse and was able to have a talk with my mom about direction of care for my grandpa and send her off with some literature to support decisions regarding care
  4. slow cooker recipes that don't involve cream of mushroom soup or some other processed soup (thanks Tina!)
  5. 103.5 qm/fm finally playing 24/7 Christmas Music! 
  6. it's cold and crisp outside, love love love love it
  7. Christmas decor in the stores! (but sadly, nothing yet in my house)
  8. Max stretching out his legs all, putting a book on his lap, and reading it all eager and excited
  9. Max able to count 1 to 10! Well kind of, I say 1, 2 and he finishes with 3, i say 4, he says 5… etc
  10. Max mastering this Endless ABC app. I was shocked by his speed. Then i took the iPad away as clearly he was using it too much to know how to play
  11. the giant bag of candy we got for Halloween from the neighbourhood! i think they were just so taken with Max that they gave handfuls of candy instead of the usual 1 candy per person!
  12. Hot chocolate from BLENZ, especially the milk chocolate one…to die for!!
  13. Red cups from Starbucks even though i don't drink coffee, i love the festive feeling i get whenever i see them here, there, and everywhere
  14. Max is calling me 'mummy!'
  15. oh and once he sees me after being separated for however length of time, he comes up to me and wraps his arms around my leg and says, "miss you" and kisses my leg! I just about died when he did that the first time
What's made you happy lately?!?!

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