Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What's in My Purse - Toddler Edition!

What's in my purse - BEFORE BABY! read here
What's in my purse - BABY EDITION! read here

Today, I bring you the "What's in my purse" series, with a 21 month old little man. To sum it up; timing is everything. If I can schedule outings around meal and poop times (which currently is somewhat predictable), the less I need to bring, we can get more things done within our window of opportunity, and the happier I am!

^^Yes this is it! ^^

This is basically what my luggage looks like whenever I try to facilitate some ME time, which basically is nearly every afternoon I am off. Max naps from about 1:30-3:30pm and he's on the carrier for that period. Once he wakes, sometimes he stays on the entire time until we go home but more often he requests a break (and I get a break!) from the position and we just walk around town until it's close to dinner and home time.
  1. ERGO Carrier:  the best thing that ever happened to me. Has a pocket that carries the stuff I need to access quickly without disturbing Max too much while he's sleeping; phone, bus pass, wallet.
  2. BUS Pass: couldnt live without it. I wonder what the Compass Card will hold for us? I love the bus pass as it has no expiration, I can go anywhere without being limited by a time deadline.
  3. Lipstick: MAC Craving, of course (my current fav)
  4. Pacifier and Clip: Max is only allowed to have the soother for nap time. He loves it, he connects napping with it, it's like once he sees it he turns on a 'nap switch' inside his head and he goes to sleep almost instantly. The pacifier clip is necessary though because he spits the soother out at times. When he was younger, that meant DISASTER, but nowadays, he can cope without it (but just in case...im keeping it close!!)
  5. Box of Raisins: even though im an anti-snack person (to preserve Max's appetite for meals), sometimes the kid is hungry and needs something to hold him over until we get home. He loves raisins, it's portable, it's healthy-ish, and it's not too filling that it'll spoil his dinner.
  6. Cellphone: naturally
  7. Double Sided Coin purse: though it may seem I don't have much in there, it's actually packed full of essential plastics like credit cards, bank cards, Max's care card, my ID, and extra bus tickets. The other side carries a few bills and coins, nothing too much or it creates bulk that sits against Max's back. im thinking that's uncomfortable?! So easy when I have to buy something and the wallet is right there at that super-convenient ERGO pocket.
  8. A Drinking Cup: sometimes I carry this cup, most times I carry his ZOLI cup. Max, like me is randomly thirsty, and wakes up thirsty...like an I-need-water-NOW type of thirsty. I toted around a big water bottle in my pre-baby bag, and Max is used to getting water right after he wakes that if he doesnt he gets pretty cranky. We can't stand being parched! 
  9. Keys: not pictures, but purpose and presence is obvious
  10. Grey light purse: hold's all of the above except wallet, bus pass and phone. I wish I didn't have to carry it, but the drinking cup and snacks are vital!
^^ our morning bag! ^^

During the morning time, we're often out and about whether it'd be at a park, Strong Start, or some indoor play area. We eat breakfast at home and I make and tote Max's lunch so we're not so rushed to leave the place we're at and he's not having a meltdown from hunger (transit can be so slow! public meltdown? no thanks!). Most day's, this bag is attached to our stroller and if it's not a stroller friendly place, im carrying it along.
  1. Cute Bag: 2 big pockets, 1 drink pocket, and uber CUTE! 
  2. Wipes: I really like the Kirkland (Costco) wipes because of its portability. when his change table supply starts running low, it becomes his portable wipes supply. When the portable supply get's REALLY low, it ends its life on the change table just so i dont ever get stuck with no wipes and a dirty diapers. i don't have to deal with refills and dried out wipes from poor packaging, love it.
  3. Diapers: I dont often have to change Max's diaper out in public because he's not a fan of public change tables- i think he knows what needs to be done if he poops! but stuff happens especially if he eats early and has a movement soon after, so better be prepared.
  4. 3 food containers: Yes, you read that right three! one for his sandwich, 1 for his fruit, and 1 for his just-in-case food (Goldfish or cereal). He's covered! 
  5. Bandaids (blue and white case): this was more essential during the summer when he would be falling in shorts, but since it's Fall/Winter, I havent used much from the pack as he's in pants. he gets a pretty good giggle out of band-aids though, not sure why but he's so fascinated by them. 
  6. keys: because i forgot to add them to my afternoon bag picture
  7. toys: for comfort, a source of distraction, something to do.
Well that's all she wrote!

Tell me about your purses, Im curious to know!


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