Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Solid Weekend

^^ this is the look of no sleep after a night shift, overstimulation from Superstore crowd, slaving over a hot stove cooking 2 dishes, not having much to eat during the day to save room for dinner, and post Max meltdown immediately after a nap and just prior to going over to my parents house. you better believe I slept well that night! ^^ 

How was your long weekend?

I spent some part of it at work (i'm basically living there right now thanks to some shift swaps) with some fine coworkers. It's a real treat to work with people who just make you laugh your arse off, a little escapism from the sadness that in-spite-of-it-all is still ever and will always be present on our unit (it IS palliative care). The weather forecast has also been nothing short of amazing! Since last Friday or so, the weather has been beautiful, crisp, and pedestrian friendly. Max and I have been zig-zagging around town by foot/stroller and also by bus- no real task to be done but whatever it takes to get him used to sitting, travelling, and falling asleep in the stroller! He really is not a fan of crowded buses or crowds in general unless he's being carried by me or sitting on my lap. Not sure why, not like anyone was touching him or interacting with him, the bus was just full. I dodged a meltdown by getting off pronto once I saw him looking up at me and tears were welling up. Lesson learned: no transit during rush hour with a stroller!

This weekend was also Canadian Thanksgiving. We came together with empty bellies but filled with gratitude, and came out with full bellies and an even finer appreciation for what we've been blessed with. I made butternut squash soup and paellaI know, totally random and non-traditional but i've had these recipes sitting in my work inbox for a long time and decided to just go for it. the soup turned out fine, but if I were to make the paella again i would use Spanish rice and not just regular short grained rice (I used Kokuho and it seemed mushy), i would actually measure the amount of smoked paprika instead of my inaccurate 'eyeball it' technique, and definitely not over crowd the pan. I added shellfish, chicken, and chorizo..yeah way too much for a medium sized skillet. Ah well, next time (if there is a next time for this dish!!).  

^^paella time^^

Can you believe it's already mid-October? Next stop, Halloween (im totally looking forward to AMC Fear Fest as it's one of the few times of year I dedicate to TV even though i've seen all the movies)! Then Christmas (the most wonderful time of year! Christmas music starts playing around mid Nov over here)!!


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