Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Around Our Hood

^^ the footmuff keeps him not only warm and contained, but catches all the stuff he drops! It's a stew of raisins, goldfish, grapes, rocks, sand, and toy cars ^^

^^ enjoy it before the rain washes it all away ^^

^^ i love the yellow, orange, and reds of the season. especially in gradients as if the tree was on fire ^^

^^ Best view in the neighbourhood! Seriously, can you find anything more tranquil? ^^

^^ why thank you Max!! xoxox ^^

^^ one minute laughing, the next minute completely distracted by something in the sky ^^

^^ water is shut off for the year on this scary fountain ^^

^^ goodbye beautiful park! ^^


  1. Love fall, walks in the park, and colorful leaves! You hit all my favorites with this post :)


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