Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall 2013 Momiform

fall momiform

momiform (mom-a-form) n. the official or distinctive clothes or outfit worn by mothers, especially when on duty

What I love most about Fall fashion (aside from the beautiful colors), is the ability to wear a coat all.the.time. I can wear an old, crappy, heck even no shirt if I wanted to and the coat covers all that under its warmth. No one is going to hassle you for wearing the same coat over and over again for every day of the week!  If i was anticipating to take my coat off sometime during the day, sure i'll put some effort into a nicer shirt but this season is all about outerwear and cozyness without too much bulk (like a parka), i love hiding under a jacket and wrapping Max under that jacket too! 

Besides my wedding ring and a pair of earrings, im not one for accessories like a necklace or random bracelet. Fall (next to the obligatory toque for Winter) is one of the only times I put effort in accessorizing my head. I love black felt hats as they're not too rigid or cowboy looking and because it keeps me warm. Im also working the headband this year to keep the ears warm, and a toque when all else fails. same jacket, different head's like a whole new outfit! 

Infinity scarf, essential. I love how when it's an extra long and wide one, i can wrap it around Max as well while baby wearing. 

Shoes, have remained the same. Flats or 0.5" heel Maximum! Whenever im babywearing, i prefer to stick with the flats as Max is getting pretty darn heavy and I don't want my ankles to roll when all the weight is in the front - i dont even want to think about it! During our morning stroller times though, I have some options as Max isnt carried for prolonged periods....but since we walk so much, id be CRAZZZZZZZZZ-Y to go any higher. Progress! 

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