Friday, September 27, 2013

Hello FALL 2013!

It offcially became Fall on September 22nd here in Vancouver, and the weather has been nothing short of awesome!! (Ok well to clarify, the weather during my days off from sept 22-26 have been spectacular!)  I'm not sure about your neighbhorhood, but mine is looking quite summery- the leaves on the trees are changing but only around their borders. No raking piles over here, or sloppy leaves on the ground like a post storm slippery hot mess. People are out and about wearing sunglasses, and sometimes I see the random bermuda short here and there...but everyone has a jacket these days even during the day time because it's pretty darn cold the moment you step out of the sun and in the shade.

^^ my neighborhood is screaming Summer right now! not a red leaf to be had ^^

^^September is spider season. Webs are everywhere! Have you walked under trees that seem to have floating bits hanging from it (and of course smash right into your face?)? I wonder if those are spider lines that caught a piece of bark or something from the tree? or are they dangling bugs? yikes! ^^ 

When I get up for work at 530am, it's BLACK outside. Though I have been mentioning this before, the new changes this recent work set is that when I arrive at work (approx 7am) it's still relatively dark outside. When I go home, the moon is out and the night lights around the downtown core are fully on from residential to commercial. go to work in the dark, go home in the dark! bahh! This last set of days off was my first time not using a fan for our bedroom or Max's room. I usually like sleeping in a cold room, nowadays the windows don't even need to be opened to keep the rooms cool. Max is sleeping in long sleeves, and i'm sleeping under the covers, we are keeping each other warm during the nights (he even lets me wrap my arm around him now, love love love it!). When we wake up, I can feel the drop in room temp, it's almost heater weather- y'know the type you keep on all night so we don't get sick from the drafty room (condo insulation issues, another rant for another day argh!). 

Max and I are still taking advantage of the wonderful weather and doing our playground runs twice a day. The mornings are pretty chilly though and there is that wind factor that just runs right through you. Instead of the shirts and shorts, i'm dressing him in a onesie, a long sleeve, and either a fleece/sheep skin type of vest or a long sleeved jacket, and a hat. Using a onesie is a bit of a pain these days because I cant just peak down his diaper to see if he's had a poop, but on the flip side, I think it's necessary to keep him warm because his shirt always rides up. exposed belly = cold child, don't you think? Our evening play is cut shorter by the day because the sun sets sooner, it's fun but not that fun to play in the dark with a toddler who's just a wee bit accident prone these days. He wants to play, I want to go home and sprawl on the bed with some online shopping in mind!

Here are some of my favourite pics from our recent playground session. Max has a cold and something about this cold weather makes his nose drip non-frickin-stop. I'm applying some aquaphor on his face so his skin doesnt get irritated from all the wiping and dripping. Speaking of aquaphor, it's eczema season...fingers crossed it doesnt hit us too bad this year!

^^ playing hoops in a shirt at 10am? I see i'm not the only one holding on to summer around here ^^

^^ these grapes from Safeway are the best I have ever eaten. Max also approves, he eats about 10lbs a week. Seriously, they're that good. Get them while they're hot! ^^

^^ currently, the safest way for him to slide. if he sat up, his shoes stick to the slide, or he resists the motion and he just ends up falling forward and well, let's not go there. I also love his diaper wedgie! ^^

^^ it's that time of year when it's almost too cold for the swing (ok, from my perspective the cold wind blowing in your face isn't that appealing). Max was having fun though despite his runny nose leaking and almost simultaneously drying up on his face. He also refused to go on the 3 other swings that were identical to this one; he wanted the first swing and that was that. picky little one isnt he? xoxo ^^

Have a great weekend!


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