Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Thursday!

^^ new antics! ^^

Seriously, where did the week go? Last week I was super busy doing God knows what around the city (and have a slight tan to show for it)! So busy that I didn't have enough hands (or patience) to take a camera along and capture what we did, we were living life. It was around 27 degrees for a few days right? It was the calm before the storm (literally) and we just spent all day out and about as the fine weather oh so thankfully lined up with my days off. 

Then I went to work and Gene got sick after taking Max to 1 day of Strong Start. Those little buggers with their dripping noses running around the classroom got pappa sick but not little Maxiboy thank goodness! Im currently preceptoring a nursing student right now and I didn't want to miss out on her orientation sets (and well, lets face it, she's a huge help because she takes over my patient load!). Poor Gene though had to daddy day care for 3 days while coughing up a storm, Max however is in fine health- and aside from the smoothies we share on a near daily basis, i'm thanking the 50+ grapes he eats for his strong immune system during this time of year. 

Max is 20 months old people!! and i'm completely in love with this little kid right now. He's got so many new antics lately that I can't get enough of him. He's dancing (sometimes breakdancing!), he's jumping, he's walking for long long periods without needing to be carried, he's speaking in tagalog (!!) and english, voicing commands in both languages with nearly a new word everyday. Speaking of words, isnt it hilarious when what they're saying sounds like expletives?! i'm LOL'ing all the time when he says, "big cock" "fuck" "cock" (big truck, fox, quack, respectively), even more funny and somewhat embarrassing when he says it in public. You know most people have their minds in the gutter these days haha...gotta love these little toddlers! I did however have an oopsie a few days ago when I threw the F bomb and he repeated it immediately right after, OOPS! I learned my lesson. 

The above picture is however one antic i'm not too fond of- i'm sure he knows that i despise those pacifiers - so he's taken on the habit of putting two in his mouth and showing me and laughing. I guess when you give him an inch he takes a mile? hahaha! he is only allowed the soothers to woo him to sleep and sometime in the middle of the night so he continues to sleep, so I suppose he'll take as much as he can get when the opportunity is here and now (aka when I forget to hide them and he sees them).

When I did take the time for myself this week, I read a few articles that bombarded my facebook feed.
they're worth the read! 

And the few hours I had to think of myself, I spent it at the mall buying these fall numbers I L-O-V-E!

I really don't like the mall because when you think you have enough, you find more stuff you want and I spend spend spend...and yet, I continue to return! But hey, on a rainy or cold day and you have a 24lb baby napping on the carrier for 2 hours, who needs the gym right?

Hope you are having a fantastic week!


  1. I wanted to comment and let you know that there is a woman on Instagram who is using your pregnancy belly photo as her own I will post the link below

  2. grrr thanks Tiffany for the head's up!


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