Wednesday, September 11, 2013


if you know me, you know mosquitos LOVE me. Whether it'd be an international country, a local lake,   or even a domestic getaway, i find myself always coming home with pruritic (itchy) lesions all over my legs (why the legs only, i dont know!). I love SCRATCHING my mosquitoe bites. Well in fairness, it's really a terrible thing to do, i don't love to scratch it just feels so.frickin.good to scratch that i often forget that it results in a larger bite surface area afterwards and your limbs looking ugly (if not risk scarring!). Scratching = bad.

in my upcoming trip to Australia, i'm already feeling vexed about what lies ahead because it's summer + arid (if not humid) + mosquito season + I'm foreign BLOOD!  i really don't want to wear pants and long sleeves during 30+ degree weather. furthermore, Max will be coming with me and naturally, im worried about him getting bitten. If motherhood has taught me anything, it's that if the kid is comfortable, all involved will be comfortable! Max will already have to deal with jet lag, circadian rhythm adjustment from time zone change, an unfamiliar environment, and no papa around -so for the sake of all our sanity sharing the same household, we don't need anything, like flaming itchy mosquito bites to keep him from sleeping soundly.

When BENADRYL® asked if they could send me some products so I would be Beyond Prepared, for those pesky mosquitoes, i didn't even have to think twice about it. absolutely! With a gift card, I was able to purchase some travel friendly BENADRYL® Itch products for myself and family - i personally love the itch stick, ive purchased it before and my legs have thanked me since! These products are topical antihistamine/analgesic, purse friendly (especially for travellers) and more importantly, effective anti-itch products. you just never know when you'll be bitten and before you know it, the bites have ruined your mood because you can't get over how irritating they are (or in Max's case, let's prevent a meltdown before it happens right?!). 

And as if that wasn't enough, as part of my Beyond Prepared kit I was also sent some essentials: sunscreen, anti bacterial wipes, sunglasses, bandaids, polysporin, and a stain remover pen (did they read my mind or what?), perfect add on's to keep my family and i (and especially an accident prone rambunctious toddler) covered for our Aussie Land adventures from plane ride to outback to wedding reception accidents.

How are you #BeyondPrepared for mosquito bites?
How do you cope with those little itchy lesions?
Do you scratch?
Do you medicate? 
What was the most bug bites you've ever had?
Do you feel itchy talking about itching? :op


  1. I too am a delish meal for those pesky little mosquitoes! I have numerous tubes of Afterbite that I liberally apply all summer long with a heavy hand! And yes talking about this makes me itchy!

  2. Hahaha I own one of every one of those items you posted in the picture. Great stuff!

  3. I love to itch too, but my husband gets mad so I have to resist when I'm around him lol. I've never heard of the itch stick, I'll have to look into it.

  4. No such as thing as too prepared in my books ;) Have fun on holiday!


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