Thursday, September 5, 2013

Around the Apartment, Thursday Rambling

With it being back to school week, 0800am is hustle and bustle hour around our neighborhood. We live within a hop - skip - jump from a fabulous elementary school, and a power house of a high school (well I think so at least). Although it's YEARS away from happening, i'm kinda excited for when Max starts going to school. I have plenty of times pictured dropping him off, picking him up, him coming home for lunch and eating a hot meal, picking out clothes, making him lunch, getting to know teachers and friends and y'know, all that elementary school cute stuff. i'm pretty sure i'm also one of those parents that'll keep a large sleeved portfolio of all of his artwork to reflect on when he's older (i'm a nut for nostalgia myself- i mean really, i'm still hung up on old school NKOTB!)

When he's in high school, I want to help guide him in courses that'll leave him open for many career possibilities, and learn as he learns if I don't know the answer off the top of my head (anyone else find subjects more interesting when there's no pressure to know the stuff for an upcoming exam?).  I dont even know what the VSB system is like now for university prep, or how classes function since I went to school in a time before cell phones and when people took university notes by hand with the odd person using a laptop! Oldie, I know.

Although it's still technically summer (and i'm still sleeping with a fan on), im looking forward to Fall (not the rain though). I want to wear dark colors, have nice feet again (really, walking around in sandals and no socks dont do my feet any good), wear light sweaters and cardigans, not be sweating profusely when Max is napping as i babywear, and y'know just watch nature take its course with the trees. I want to eat turkey, pumpkin pie, go to a pumpkin patch (take lots of pictures, naturally!), watch scary movies during Halloween countdown, and start visualizing what I would be getting people for Christmas - yes, that about sums up my Fall bucket list.


As for Max, he will be turning TWENTY months in October. The word TWENTY is right up there with eighteen and twenty-four when it comes to chronological milestones in my books. No longer a baby, full fledged toddler, and changing every single day- so much so that i am taken aback daily with a new developmental surprise whether it'd be skill, words, or ability. I have the opportunity to apply for a new position that would involve monday to friday hours, but knowing that i could be missing out on so much of his life during these years (even if it is only for a short time) really turns me off because I just will never get these years of his youth back y'know? Thank goodness for a career that holds many available opportunities to choose from- when i'm ready, all about timing. How do you full time employed monday-friday mom's do it!? 

These pictures are of Max showing his tender side with baby Ernie, isn't he lovely? All the stuff I would miss if I were working more so than I am now.

Happy Thursday from East Van!

^^ group hug: Moe, baby Ernie, and Max ^^ 


  1. I'm excited for fall too! Love it!

  2. What lovely pictures of Max, he looks angelic! I loved reading this post Mitzi, it's obvious you love being a mom and I'm sure you are going to be awesome when the little guy goes off to school:)

    Pink Chai Style

  3. Max is adorable! My little guy just started Kindergarten and it feels like he was Max's size just yesterday- I was totally that insane emotional mom the entire week before school started! It is fun now that he is getting into the swing of things and loving school though!

  4. I imagine what it will be like when my little ones go off to school as well. The thoughts are exciting and sad at the same time! p.s I can't get over how cute Max is!


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