Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ABOUT ME! 5 Things

Y'know this blog is really all about Max, but when it comes to me, im not so narcissistic transparent.
I saw the idea of 5 things during my 1 hour a night (childless free time to brush up on what is going on in the world) and thought it'd be perfect for you to get to know me! ahem, the one writing this blog and taking all the photos! Are you interested? If so, read on...

Five things you don't know about me:

1) I don't drink coffee. i love the smell of it when packages are opened and when it's brewing. i sometimes have frapp's from JJBean or Starbucks. But all in all, i cant stand the taste of hot coffee. makes me want to gag. it must be frappe'd for me to even attempt it. coffee flavored things are yummy though..anything but hot coffee! 

2)When I was 6 years old. My mom, sister and I were walking through circa 1989 Hastings/Chinatown area and i vividly remember a guy asking my mom if he can "buy me." I see flashbacks of my mom gripping my hand tight and immediately entering a random store or restaurant just to get in a more safer zone. I slightly recall wondering what the guy meant. this was one of my first memories as a new immigrant in Canada!

3) Before Max, I was an AMAZING sleeper. The only thing that separated me from being unconscious was a pillow (3 pillows to be specific), seriously! i'd be out like a light; beautiful, restful, dreamfilled, enviable, drug-free snoozes. Now, I have mommy ears and I hear everything - that wakes me up. I am so used to waking up in the middle of the night that I wake because I haven't been woken up. oy. surprisingly though, i can function quite efficiently if not sharper than if i did get enough sleep. 

4) I dont 'do' tattoos. The thought of permanence scares the shit out of me, especially when there could be something I was dissatisfied with about the tattoo...even a minute error in design. I would focus and focus and focus on it and quite possibly even affect my quality of life. Suffice it to say, I have no tattoos.

5) I love Bon Jovi. I love Jon Bon Jovi. They're my favorite band of all time and I think i've subconsciously chosen men in my life based on the level of physical similarities to Jon Bon Jovi.

Five things I am knowledgeable about:

1) acute care nursing. hey, I spent 9 years in the busiest and craziest unit of BC and I survived. I dont know everything but damn, im prepared to handle anything. ok, maybe im not too happy getting the sickest patients on the unit but i'm going to keep your family alive to the best of my abilities and try to fit in a break or two without burdening the system with overtime.

2) Oral hygiene. I am quite anal when it comes to my teeth. I love going to my dental hygienist and getting my teeth scaled and cleaned (i can't stand the fluoride though), is that TMI?  I have no cavities, never had braces, my teeth aren't perfect but my goal is to keep all my teeth when i'm old without any root canals, bridges, dentures etc. this probably came from the fear of old time dentists in my homeland where instead of fixing your teeth they just pulled out your teeth.

3) I love chips and i've had every single chip out there. it's a terrible vice that I succumb to whenever im experiencing some underlying stress or personal weakness. I love all chips, I dont think there is a chip i'll refuse. however, since getting pregnant ive had a mild aversion to strange flavored chips because i cringe at the thought of the chemicals that produced the simulated flavour..so although i wont exactly refuse if it was offered, i won't be buying it on my accord.

4) spelling. im quite the precisionist when it comes to spelling things correctly (grammar though, if you've been reading my blog all this time, is not my forte). i particularly am totally turned off when simple words are spelled incorrectly and I have to tell myself not to be one of those people pointing out spelling errors in blog posts and messages. (if i made an spelling error though, please tell me). for example, I can't stand when people use 'women' when they mean 'woman.' Argh! 

5) installing laminate floors, tiling, and painting. i'm no expert by any means but we did the renovations to our apartment DIY, I can do this! my dad is an awesome teacher for all of this home renovation stuff (i would say he's an expert), he's so good and it just looks so easy when he does it. if i wanted someone around me to boost my confidence, it would be my dad. 

Five things I know nothing about:

1) Pro sports. I dont watch hockey games, know nothing about football games aside from basic terminology. I dont watch sports on TV. I'm not a fan of any sports team. I dont care about sports on tv! 

2) cooking Filipino food. I remember my mom telling us to study instead of helping her out with the cooking when we were growing up, so although i LOVE EATING EVERYTHING she cooks, i unfortunately don't know how to cook any of her amazing dishes. it makes me nervous thinking about this because obviously my mom won't live forever, im also too busy with Max to go over and learn or she's already cooked it and tells me to come over and eat. filipino cooking is NOT stir fry fast food, it takes hours! my mom cooks the best foods, and i need to learn! one for the bucket list. 

3) i just started delving into the world of medical bioethics. i don't know anything about it (and clearly, the world isnt as black and white as it may seem) but i'm reading a textbook of some sort to introduce me into this field (tip of the iceberg). it's really really interesting and i love talking about issues without it turning into an argument (y'know what i mean?) just intelligent discussions learning from one another without judgement. 

4) gardening. i have kept my house plants alive without issue but if i were to plant a garden (plot and maintain for regrowth next year) it goes in one ear and out the other. i just want to reap the rewards. my husband though is a great gardener and knows how to plan, where to plant, cultivate, prune and even has dreams of future landscaping if we were ever able to afford a house. yeah, i don't have dreams like those. 

5) driving. yep you heard it. I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE. i haven't driven since 1999 after i got my class 7. i know i'm not alone here! it's a detriment to my constant need for independence. im just not driven (no pun intended) since i live within walking distance to everything and major skytrain and transit lines. 

Five things I believe:

1) after working in palliative care, ive realized death can be beautiful. it's how I want to die and how i would want my loved ones to die ...and maybe even on the unit i am working on if that were an option. 

2) achieving a work-life balance is paramount. mom's can't take care of their babies unless they're taking care of themselves (or being taken care of). as with nurses; they can't take care of others unless they take care of themselves first and foremost. 

3) a good healthy breakfast will set the tone for the day. I feel like shit if i ate eggs/bacon/toast/grease for breakfast and for some reason, i either end up eating crappy foods for the rest of the day or skipping meals to compensate. but if i ate a healthy breakfast, I find I feel like i have more energy and make better decisions/choices. i also feel a satisfying fatigue but not sluggish by the end of the day...am i alone here? (i love bacon though so i do give in every now and then ;op)

4) everything in moderation including moderation. some days you just gotta spend all that money and splurge on want you WANT and not necessarily need. some days you just have to eat at that awesome buffet! as long as it isnt happening all the time, do it. 

5) there will never be anything as amazing, frustrating, rewarding, and frightening than being a mother. I am so happy to have this opportunity. 

Well that's all she wrote! This post got me thinking. It wasn't easy but I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. What about you? Tell me about yourself! 


  1. I also love chips and don't drive!!!

  2. I love everything about this post mama! I look forward to.sharing stories together and can't wait till.we can meet up to get to.know.eachotther better!

  3. I love everything about this post mama! I look forward to.sharing stories together and can't wait till.we can meet up to get to.know.eachotther better!

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  5. Hi Mitzi, I totally feel like I know you better know and can totally relate to many of your points. And eek to #2!


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