Tuesday, September 3, 2013

10 Best Summer Moments

Well woweee it's September 3rd people! If you follow me on twitter, i often beef about life based on shift work hours- mostly good, some bad. Well yesterday morning, I woke up at my usually 0530 to prep for work and it was black as night outside! I dont know about you M-F workers out there but this is my clue that a season has passed and the tides are changing. gone are the days when birds are chirping way.too.early and wake up a sleeping baby, instead the streets are quiet, baby still thinks it's night time and i'm headed off to work in darkness. Since i'm home oh about 15 hours later, i've missed the entire daylight, sun sets early, and boo hoo it's darkish again. The good thing about all this though is that I can put Max to sleep earlier because 1) it's darker out 2) it's darker longer 3) it's quieter sooner and last but not least, something completely unrelated, CHRISTMAS is near!

In reflection, we had an awesome summer this year (hello, remember July? and I was on vacation!). I honestly cannot complain when the weather is just right and i'm off and baby is cooperative! Summer 2012 we had a baby that was still in a bucket seat, this year we had a toddler doing his own thing ...I wonder what next year holds for us?!

My Favorite Moments of Summer 2013!

^^ Nominated as one of Vancouvermom.ca's Top Mom Blogger's for 2013 (oh and winning xo) ^^ 

^^ we really enjoyed the annual Italian Day on the Drive. We don't particularly go for Italian food per say, but mainly to celebrate the diversity in culture and cuisine just one neighbourhood has to offer. On this day, we had Vietnamese and Indian for lunch, under fine FINE Vancouver weather, and was entertained and educated on Italian culture ^^

^^ I love playing on the playground with a toddler! We hit up a lot this summer because toddler's play- it really beats just pushing a baby on a swing! This year we were able to go on slides, bridges, sand pits, and the obligatory swings of course! I also loved the fact that we had outdoor picnics all the time as a family or just Max and I. Encourages healthy eating when you bring stuff from home and well it's just generally fun to eat on a blanket with other people around enjoying food as well ^^

^^ The Package Tour!! I've been to plenty of concerts in my life ranging from Radiohead to Bon Jovi, but never have I been as fulfilled as seeing my childhood crushes in real life! I mean come on, I waited over 20 years for this moment - dream come true ^^

^^ too bad August wasn't as hot as July or we would've been at the pool all.the.time.! But oh well, we had a great July especially with New Brighton Park being our second home! ^^

^^ I have a new found love for JELLYFISH thanks to the Vancouver Aquarium Exhibit! Actually I love the aquarium altogether after this first-time-as-an-adult visit to this Vancouver gem. Im really working on an annual pass as soon as I think Max will enjoy the residents more than the staircases! ^^

^^ all the outdoor sleeping opportunities Max had this summer. Maybe i'm just inadvenertently prepping him to become a camper? to appreciate what nature has to offer? to be more flexible? or maybe just so i didn't have to go home early that he had to sleep at the designated spot? for whatever reason, he slept soundly each time and it definitely beats a hot room at home! ^^

^^ Toddler's first visit to the beach! I admit we only went once this year mainly because the sand we brought home with us and i subsequently had to clean up totally turned me off. I prefer grass or pool deck thank you very much! At least this year though Max wasnt afraid of the sound of waves splashing, last year he couldnt go within 7 feet of the ocean without crying ^^ 

^^ well I wouldn't call Max no longer wanting to breastfeed a 'best' moment but it certainly changed the life i had known to something completely different. My body adjusted well, Max carried on, I miss it but i'm not LONGING for it. I wish i took more pictures to remember our moments! ^^ 

^^ Last but not least, our Sunshine Coast and Painted Boat Resort trip of course! ^^

Thank you June/July/August ....welcome September! 


  1. What a great time you had Mitzi.

    And... I guess that is why toddler has been sleeping longer this last week - the cloudy dark days in Vancouver. Which do not make me very happy to tell you the truth.

    Winter is coming. Brrrrrr and waking up at 5:30 doesn't make it more enjoyable brrrrrrrr



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